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Take Off the Pressure

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Take off the pressure! It is a slate grey day and the temperature has dropped. The holidays are closing in. What to do? Take the pressure off. Do what you can do. And definitely enjoy the rest.

I don’t know about you but I am living in a multi-project universe besides the stuff I have promised others. So, I am planning deep relax and minimal stuff for my personal holidays. Also, planning a getaway for the off, off season.

A Little Goes a Long Way

Me, I like a little deadline to get things done but too much pressure puts me into military mode. You don’t want to be around me when I am a martinet. Sometime the pressure is not what others or even life is putting on me…It is ME, who is putting on the screws.

How About You?

When I feel pressured, I am argumentative. How about you? Time to turn it around? Time to give yourself a break? Give yourself the gift of relaxation with the Peaceful You package which includes a Zoom session with me.

Or just get the marvelous, guided Crystal Meditations plus e-book with music by Allyna Harris. And, how about some time to read ‘The Adventures of Alice Wonderbar’ which takes you on a tour of the world with romance, spirituality and fantasy!

You could also just take a look at another blog called WOW Healing for even more insight!

Are You a Perfectionist?

Women tend to put more pressure on themselves…than men except when the men are dealing with billions of dollars…or at least that is my fantasy. So, if you are a woman with perfectionist tendencies, it is time to take off…the pressure. And Take OFF to the land of your true self. Time to be compassionate to your own self. Relax!

Sending Light & No pressure,


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