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My students have wanted me to publish a book on Body Being & Heart. Below is an except of what may become that book. I trust this will give you insight into your healing process.

I was blown away by reading some of what I have written. This is an excerpt from the introduction. The book is tentively titled Body Being & Heart, journeys, essays and poems. It will not be a text book but surely it will be helpful especially for women who are facing challenging and life changing situations and experiencing physical symptoms.

from the Intro…

Your body is the focal point for the ‘now. which supports all current  manifestations of the Divine and this includes your emotions, mind, sensations, and consciousness. Consciousness is larger than the physical body you inhabit. And also the consciousness you experience is engendered through your body. In other words, the kingdom of spirit is embodied in your flesh. There is no separation between body and spirit. The body is an expression of consciousness and spirit is its essence.


Blockage or impasses lead us deeper into the layers of ourselves whether we are exploring our life needs, physical structure, feelings, insight, or spiritual ascension. Sometimes blockage and impasse just take us back to basics.

The process used moves us from the gross to the subtle, the obvious to the profound and back again. Just as in the story from the East where the monk goes to the Mountain and has a cosmic experience and then returns. The mountain on the return is just the mountain and the monk is again just carrying water.

Nonetheless, accessing deeper, less used pathways of the body such as cellular awareness or cranial rhythms allows you to open doorways to the Divine. This happens when you are available to integrating body-mind-spirit. The same is true for our feelings, if we go deep enough through our felt experience of the body we reach the numinous of our Self.

Healing for Body & Spirit

The Body Being & Heart perspective is to embody the Divine, the light and the so called ‘darkness’. In the Hebraic tradition they say ‘Lord, Adonai, Lord of the light and of the darkness too.’ Surrender and acceptance of all of our self, allows us to go deeper beyond surface social reality. Accepting what we consider negative as well as positive lets us enter into a deeper relationship with ourselves, the other and the divine itself which is within us and everyone else.

Felt Experience

Body Being & Heart, through a felt experience of the physical, intuitive, and energetic arts brings you to the path of the heart, the ever-expanding evolution of humankind. The following chapters focus on special topics within the Body Being & Heart Training Program which you can explore in your own Self as you too begin to travel the pathless path to enlightenment, lightening up. The poems, stories and journeys are meant to inspire, intrigue, and lead you into your own mystery.

End or Begining?

I trust the except above inspires you. I am thrilled to be working on the book focusing on the work and life I have been living for what seems like forever. Don’t forget I am available for sessions and should you want to explore and increase your healing skills here are the course descriptions for the professional program or simply sign up for a Reiki, natural healing course

Yes, there are On-Line as well as in person versions of courses and sessions.

Sending Light & Love, Kyra


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