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What is energy? Well, you know when you have it and you know when you don’t. Your bioelectrical energy is determined by how your body is functioning and your emotional or mental state.


The usual dictionary definition of energy talks about it in terms of performance of work. Quantum Physics tells a different story. It is the new science which has been emerging for the past hundred years and it is similar to what healers, Qi Gong practitioners, acupuncturists, Indigenous peoples and many spiritual traditions teach. You and I are both part of a unified field which I like to call the web of world. This web has existed long before the internet.

Quantum Field

Essentially, you and I are both part of the quantum field, nothing exists outside of it. You and I are connected. I don’t know about you but I have experienced instant responses from this seemingly invisible field when needed. Other times I have wondered what is wrong with my connection. Oi vey!

So yes, you can have a blockage. Each of us is a mini-field within the larger field. And from my perspective when you are functioning at your best you strengthen the entire web of the world. But you can when you are not functioning well, block what you need or want. Sometimes it is your beliefs, ideas, feelings or what you had for breakfast.

The Buddhists say…

The Buddhists say some things are written in water…so easy to change. Some things are written in sand, but still fairly easy to shift. Sometimes things are carved in rock. These are challenging and will take work to change.

Your Vibrational Support

Take a moment to scan your life and notice what aspects of yourself and your life fall into what category. If you do want support, just go to the Body Being & Heart website and book a session. I do my healing internationally On-Line. Remember we are all connected and I can support you in healing wherever you are in the world. Do you live in the Montreal area, come in person. If you are a regular client, you may even qualify for a complimentary quick distant healing over the phone.

Chakra MakeOver

Would you like an energy rebalance? I am giving Chakra MakeOvers  on Zoom. To be on the list for the next event just Download Discover Chakras PDF 

Energy can be transformed but not destroyed. Make the most of what you have…stay connected to the flow.

Sending Light, Kyra Your Magical Healer

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