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Love & Self-Healing

Sharing is Loving

Who wrote the book of love? You did! The question is whether you started with self-love? If you did start with taking care of yourself, please just forward this blog to the person you know who needs HELP!

The question is: do you take care of everyone else but not yourself? And then what happens? You burn out and can’t take care of anyone. Again, if you are not an over-giver and this is not you, please forward this blog to the person you know needs HELP!

First Love is self-love! I am not talking narcissism here, just common sense. So, what does self-love mean?


Love is healing. Authentic, caring, non-smothering love is the best. And you may be giving this to others not realizing that you are the source. You are love. However, you may not be taking time to be caring to your own self.

I sometimes wind myself up with frustration and pressure. And then I remember myself, and take time to let go and give myself space to breath and not contract or tense up my body.

The frustration for me is often caused by not wanting to take the time to fix whatever the something is but I know if it is important, I will do it in time. Taking time gives me the time to do whatever it is and, in the process, not only alleviates the frustration but also creates, in its own way, pleasure.


So, please remember you are love. Stop making yourself crazy by putting undue pressure on yourself. If nothing else you will be happier. And don’t forget to take a break, breathe, walk and have fun.

Everything you do for others is actually about you. Please reflect on the deeper ‘why’ you are doing it. What is it giving you to give? Is it giving you a sense of self-worth? Are you avoiding something? Or is it coming from a deep caring, that love inside you.

Love & Self-Healing

In the meantime, how about doing something for you? If you need support in giving to your own self, come for a session. In Body Being & Heart, I not only talk with you about what you are feeling but alleviate energetic and physical imbalances using gentle touch therapies. Part of this is about identifying the self-sabotaging, and anxious voices which simply are not speaking truth to you but are embedded in the cells of your body.

Love is Self-Healing!

Sending Light, Kyra

Your Magical Healer

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