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You are a Star!

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You are a star in your own movie, ‘Your Life.’ You may also be a star in your children, students, partner’s movie as well. The question is what starring role are you playing in your movie? Are you a supporting actor or the lead? Or perhaps you have many roles? And what is your favorite?

Behind the Curtain

 Just make sure you are living your life not someone else’s or limiting yourself to what someone else thinks you should be? Or are you limiting yourself by what you think you have to do to survive? Behind the roles or jobs, you have, are you in touch with your essential self? The truth is…your essence energy is never far away from you.


Are you expressing your true self? Who are you…anyway? ‘Who am I?’ is a basic spiritual question as is the dictum to’ know thyself.’

Is what you are doing in your heart close to your heart’s desire. If not come join me and discover your own True Self.

And always remember:


Your body is made of the stuff of stars.

You are a radiant energy, become a star in your life.

You are a human being… moving… dancing through life…

You can even dance when you are standing still… lying down or in the bath.

You are… in the silence of your chaos… always dancing Light.


Are you like me in a revolving, evolving door and keeps bringing you closer to what delights you. I mean, it changes over time. Hurray for that because life is living us. Have you noticed? So, if you need support Click Here or if you are interested in the Body Being & Heart Courses.

There will be a Spiritual Body Being & Heart, Healing Body and Spirit, Country Retreat featuring yoga August 25-27 2023. A Spiritual Travel Retreat to India January 2024.

Sending Light & Love,

Kyra, your Magical Healer

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