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'Antara' Kyra Lober, creator of Body Being & Heart Somatic Alchemy, is certified in CranioSacral Therapy, Shiatsu, Body-Mind Centering®, Reiki...

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Did you know you are a healer? Your body heals. It is set up to maintain homeostasis aka biological balance but sometimes it falls way out of balance and cannot get back to normal. Then you need someone like me who facilitates your  body being & heart to come back or optimize your health and well-being.

If you have already tried osteopaths, massage or physical therapists and they have helped but not entirely it is time to experience what gentle touch, energy to tissue can do for You!


I facilitate your health and well-being. Sometimes I am called a healer but only you can heal. So, whether I am rebalancing your brain over the telephone or on Zoom or in-person…only you can heal. And only you can heal if your tissue, your consciousness, your emotions or your spirit are ready to heal.

If you are pregnant and ready to give birth, a session in CranioSacral Therapy will facilitate labor. But if you are four months pregnant a Cranio-Sacral Therapy session will just support the well-being of you and your child. It will also alleviate any back pain you might have or nausea.

How Do I Do It?

I studied anatomy and the movement function of the body and trained in healing modalities both physical, energetic and spiritual. Over time, I gradually became conscious that we are bio-electric beings and I developed a way to reach out to any part of the world and facilitate healing. And yes, I have loads of certifications. See my about page for more details.

Limits and Potentials

I did work on a woman who had been in a car crash. She was put into a medical coma. Her kidneys were damaged. The doctors said most people with her type of injury die within a week. A healer friend and I worked on her from a distance. She was in Germany. We were in North America. She was dancing the tango three months later. She was off dialysis. Her tissue was available to heal.

So, if you are available you can heal. If you are lying on your death bed my intervention would allow you to die peacefully. The work I do would not bring you back to life nor would it kill you. You are the potential and you are the limiting factor.

Can You Do This?

Yes, you can learn how to do this. At present, I have (paid in monthly installments or all at once with big discounts) an $ 8,000 or if you prefer, $12,000, if you want to do it privately. I even have a shorter course to become an Enlightened Healer. Take your pick. Complete the $8,000 course and you can write third party insurance receipts. Become an Enlightened Healer and you can start your own business on-line.

You just want to take care of Yourself

I encourage everyone to discover basic skills to help you help yourself. Take a Body Being & Heart Reiki Course with me, in-person or on-line, and you will learn the basics of energy healing for yourself as well as some fundamental anatomy.

Do yourself a favor, your body is your temple of consciousness, felt experience, and emotion, take care of it. Find the natural way to heal your own self. Doctors are wonderful when you need them but their interventions for long-term chronic conditions are not great.  Popping pills have long term consequences even when they come from a doctor. Find another way.

Participate in your health and well-being. Get drug free support when you need it. Body Being & Heart uses traditional and the latest in healing technology which can treat you anywhere, any place.

What Body Being & Heart Can Do for You!

My personalized sessions focus on the whole person, not just symptoms. I look to causes not symptoms. Body Being & Heart is especially good for women in challenging and changing life situations who have physical symptoms and are open to addressing any invisible trauma recorded in every cell of your body.

Often these are the women who want or need to change their lives and express their true selves in another way. If you are a woman who has a need to express and share with other your intuitive and healing skills perhaps it is time to join a Body Being & Heart program or at the very least have a session with Kyra your magical healer…

Sending Light and lots of Love!

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