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'Antara' Kyra Lober, creator of Body Being & Heart Somatic Alchemy, is certified in CranioSacral Therapy, Shiatsu, Body-Mind Centering®, Reiki...

Creative Healing

Sharing is Loving

Creative Healing starts with you because You are not a formula. There is no template that fits all of you. You are unique. But it helps to tow the middle way. Do not believe everything the media says or even doctors or healers like myself. Your body-being-heart is your laboratory for exploring all you need to know.

Start now and here to find your way to You. Take a deep breath or two and surrender to this present moment. Take time for you before you develop a stress dis-ease.

Life is Change

Are you twenty years old? Enjoy it while it lasts. Truthfully, every period of life has its challenges and its upside. Younger folk these days are having more anxiety. Mental illness is on the rise. Of course, being young means navigating a new world of love and sex, not to mention career.

Sometimes these elements sort themselves out. Sometimes it remains a mystery. Trust yourself, follow your inner call and your heart. In the process you will discover who you are and what you need to know to be well in your own self.

Whatever age you are, remember life keeps changing. Sometimes you adapt or confront and sometimes you need to heal.

Creative Healing

Healing is a process of making whole. I have many skills and when I work with a client I may work with energy or physical and structural interventions.

I use ancient traditions in Vibrational Acupuncture without needles. Somatic approaches use new ways of working with the movement function of all body systems. Sometimes I create visualizations and activities tailored to my client’s personal issues. CranioSacral Therapy taps into the wisdom of you. CST puts you into a rest and digest mode. It is totally parasympathetic. Relaxation is the beginning of healing.

I always get a picture of what is happening for my clients by tuning into their chakras. Chakras reflect what is happening in the neuro-endocrine system, the organs, your emotions and your spirit!

Blending all my skills creatively is what I do to help you alleviate the challenges you yourself or life has imposed. Feel Well, Be Well…naturally is my motto.

When you are happy you are in touch with your true nature. The context of my work is spirit, meaning your essence energy. So, Be Well, Feel Well!

Are You a Woman…?

Are you a woman in a life changing and challenging situation with physical symptoms? If you are you are my ideal client. Join me for sessions, courses or spiritual retreat. Body Being & Heart includes hands-on healing and distant healing sessions, spiritual counseling and at retreats we dance!

When the dancer becomes the Dance, you are Enlightened!

Don’t forget that being playful accelerates Healing…so do go and have Fun!

Sending Light & Healing,

Kyra, your magical healer!

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