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Practice gratitude in your life. Gratitude is an attitude which helps the universe to keep giving you more to appreciate. Even if you are in a tough situation there is always something positive or someone supportive you can acknowledge.

My Gratitude!

In this spirit, I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to all of you who have been reading my blog. I trust you are enjoying them. And I trust these blogs have helped you reflect on decisions you have made or are making about your health and well-being.

Writing these blogs, I have learned that I love writing so I am unlikely to have a robot write them. Should I certify them as ORGANIC?

About Alice

Adventures of Alice Wonderbar has been one of the outcomes of my writing endeavors. And I would so appreciate your clicking the link above to get your copy of this amazing romantic, spiritual fantasy…in fact you can pre-order the next Alice book, Alice Wonderbar Tantra Queen. This supports creating what I trust is a nourishing entertaining, slightly spicy and very spiritual fantasy.

If you have read Adventures of Alice Wonderbar you may also want to join me as a sustaining member of Patreon. There are so many benefits, discounts, and you will have lots more to discover about Alice.

Did you know Alice is going to India in January 2024. You must be spiritual and interested in exploring your spirituality more. Alas Carlos will not be joining us! Here is the current itinerary you can download for free.

So, if you have enjoyed the bits and pieces of the Alice journey do join in for more. Alice’s journey has been based on elements of my life but the book is pure fantasy. I will say I have visited most of the places in the novel.

Alice’s Neti Neti, not this not that

And remember Alice’s doesn’t like it when you pop pills…to manage a health condition. You are not solving or healing the situation. Pills are great in a crisis but if you want to heal, come for a Body Being & Heart session…and yes, I do distant healing sessions as well as in person.

But This!

Gratitude for your blessings and interest in Body Being & Heart and the stories of Alice, my special avatar. Don’t forget to pre-order Alice Wonderbar Tantra Queen!

Sending Light, Kyra & Alice



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