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Your Perfect Self

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Yes, there is a perfect self and you have one. In truth you are already perfect. But this perfect self is not your personality, your ego, physical or mental self. It is your essential self; I sometimes call this your spirit.

Your Spirit is Reflected in Your Body

Body Being & Heart, Healing for Body & Spirit provides energetic, and physical support to help you be more in touch with your essential perfect self.

And I have to tell you… your body is the focal point of the now. Whatever you are going through is reflected in your body. And no, you are not to blame. And it is also true that you have influence. In the East they say ‘life is living you;’ in the West they say ‘you can have it all.’  Basically, the East says you have no control, the West says you can control it all. Neither is totally true.

Problem & Solution

And I like to say ‘You are the problem but You are also the solution. If you have a condition where you ‘need’ to pop pills for the rest of your life know that this is only part of your solution. 

Like the statements about East and West perspectives, popping a pill is only part of the solution. If pills are needed, also look for additional support which can limit the consequences of the medication and potentially bring you into a healthier balance.


I work in person and On-line, extensively with women who have physical symptoms and are in life changing and challenging situations. One key issue which is brought to me is anxiety.

Anxiety is sometimes reflected by heart palpitations, digestive issues and a ‘hamster’ mind that won’t quit with negative or worried thoughts. It also may be reflected by a sense of feeling of being out of the body. Down regulating the Vagus nerve is part of the solution. I can do this in a session and teach you how to maintain it.


Another big area is women making career change. These women are often ambivalent or unsure of what they want. And they are experiencing this conflict with pain in their bodies. They need support both emotionally and to lessen physical tension and pain in their necks and backs. Body Being & Heart supports body centered dialogue to release trapped emotion as well as energetic and physical healing for structural issues.

I love combining somatic education with my treatments. Because your participation is necessary to your healing and wellness. Giving you activities to do or a process to follow is part and parcel of what I share.

Chronic and Acute Conditions

Chronic and acute conditions require all of the above. It means dialoging with the body to discover not what you think you want but what your body needs. If this is your issue it means finding your freedom from physical pain. So, whether it is chronic headaches, chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia help is on the way.

Your Perfect Self

Your perfect self is an on-going, unfolding process throughout your life. Opening the door to the essence of your presence and expanding this to help you help yourself is my goal as the creator of Body Being Heart, Healing for Body & Spirit.

How did I ever want to become a therapist/healer? I was a choreographer and dancer getting good reviews in the Dance capital of the world, New York City. And then I got ill. It took a year to diagnose. I was lucky, the doctors forgot to tell me it was incurable. The medication prescribed left me feeling better in the body but altered my consciousness. I knew I needed to find a more natural. And I did! I got well with gentle touch bodywork. It took time.

There was an upside, even though losing my dance has been the greatest loss in my life. During the healing process I had awakening experiences. I awakened to the perfect self in all of us. And I trained in all the therapeutic modalities which worked for me…and will work for you!

The Peaceful You!

Here’s a gift to help you understand your healing process. The second page has goods of this complimentary PDF Alchemy of Healing. You can also order Peaceful You which includes Crystal Meditations, an e-book and a consultation On-line with me.

The Zoom consult will give you the opportunity to share your issues and give you a taste of how I can help you. Crystal Meditations are deeply relaxing, rebalance your chakras, and open the door to your inner wisdom and your heart’s desire.

You deserve to be more in touch with your perfect Self!

Sending Light & Love, Kyra...your magical healer

P.S. Check out the Magical Healer blog or What To Do

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