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'Antara' Kyra Lober, creator of Body Being & Heart Somatic Alchemy, is certified in CranioSacral Therapy, Shiatsu, Body-Mind Centering®, Reiki...

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The world seems to be leaping from one crisis to another. If you have trained in Reiki Natural Healing include Reiki in your prayers, meditations and contemplation. Reiki will amplify your intentions and alleviate your anxiety at the same time. Please remember when you are at peace with your own self, you bring peace to the world.

My Truth

I am a supporter of using the least invasive methods and substances to optimize and heal whatever ails you. Reiki, Natural Healing as well as gentle touch therapies can give your body the boost it needs to heal itself.  Your body is always wanting to come into balance aka homeostasis. You are a microcosm of the larger whole. Whatever you find or heal in yourself is reflected in the world.


Rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing ended my dance career but I was lucky, doctors forgot to tell me it was incurable. So I got well. Lifestyle changes and gentle bodywork cured me. Now, I am just getting older. Knock on wood, I am not on any medication.

Ah, yes, I would love to lose five pounds and must keep an eye on my sweet tooth. Sugar feeds inflammation, cancer and high cholesterol. So best to limit sugar intake especially as you age.

Use Everything

Do understand, I am not against medical treatment but best if it is possible to find an alternative or use a complimentary approach to support your well-being even if you are taking medication. Ultimately integrative healing modalities give you a better chance of taking charge of your well-being.

Chronic Conditions

If you have a chronic health condition, taking prescription drugs will not heal you. In fact, they do have side effects. Taking prescription drugs in crisis and for the short term can be extremely helpful.

Health is Wealth

One thing the pandemic has taught us all is health is wealth. Would you like a tool/skill for your health and well-being with a life time guarantee? I recommend Reiki, Natural Healing  as a basic to support for everyone’s  well-being. There are no side affects and only good can come of it. Best of all it is only present when you call/ask for it. I give Reiki courses on-line or in person and teach you the foundation of hands-on energy healing for yourself and others.

Hands-on healing is the oldest form of healing. Just think of a mother’s caring touch. Reiki is easy to learn. It is a transmission or attunement to a particular vibration. We are all bioelectric beings. When your energy is off, you know it. Just come for a session or learn to do it for yourself.


Reiki forms a foundation to all the more sophisticated methods I have trained in for over thirty years. Reiki teaches you to listen to what is happening in you or another. You literally feel the releases of pain and discomfort. Reiki also supports your intuitive abilities.

You do not need to know anatomy to use Reiki. However if you want a range of healing tools and to discover anatomy experientially you can always come to my Body Being & Heart Program which certifies you to write third party insurance receipts.

You Can!

You can take a Reiki course privately or with others on-line or in person. Follow this link for more information on Reiki. It will give you more information on how it can benefit you. In today’s world we need more resources to limit and eliminate stress and help you help yourself. Yes, Reiki can help you eliminate your anxiety.

If you take the course privately, it takes half the time and will soon cost more than as a group class. Either in a group or one on one with me, Reiki is quite the bargain. Once you register. Contact me Ky**@bo************.com and we can set a time which works for both of us.


I am a magical healer and you can become one too. It is not magic or rather the magic is actually subtle perception and the use of intention, skill and experience. And don’t forget heal yourself and you heal the world.

Sending Light & Healing, Kyra

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