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Your Body

Sharing is Loving

Your body may not seem important in light of all the world crisis but you need to know you are connected to so many others. Together you create a larger body, community, country, world. And you are not a statistic.

Where did you come from and where do you go? These questions influence who you are in the now. And never forget your body is the focal point of the now. But often the decision you make in moving forward comes from the controlling aspect of your most neurotic subpersonality. What to do?

There are several aspects of life you can trust. Life itself is number one. You will find it brings you to people places and ideas which can be nurturing. In Advaita Vedanta it is said ‘Life is living you.’ Non-dualism holds everything which happens good or bad in a larger context of non-judgement. It says ‘You are not the doer.’

What does this mean? You are responsible for your response to what happens to you and what you do but you are not to blame. Life is living you. So listen to the felt experience within to what feels right for you.

Family History

My family has a history of auto-immune problems. Funnily enough, I was never told about  this. And did not find out till a long time after my auto-immune illness ended my career as a choreographer and concert artist in dance. My family was not into sharing but held onto their outward image of always being perfect. So do investigate your potential inherited issues and take steps early to eliminate but not I hope with fad diets.

Your Body

Your body is your temple, take care of it. Nourish it. Listen to it when it when says it hurts or is sad, fearful or angry. Mostly it just wants to be heard. Your body will also tell you what feels right.

Body Being & Heart is a natural, gentle, drug free approach to wellness. Try it you’ll like it! I am available on-line and in person and can help you shift your very DNA.

The Beginning

In the beginning, you were literally smaller than a spec of dust. The sperm of your father and the ovum of your mother came together. You tumbled down your mother’s uterus until you implanted and your mother’s uterus became the womb. The first four weeks were critical as you became three layers of cells and you gradually re-enacted the development of all life on planet earth. Do you remember? Probably not but the consequences are still playing out for better or worse.

In Chinese medicine it says ‘in the beginning was the void. Out of the void came the tao. Out of the Tao came yin and yang. From Yin and Yang came many thousand things.’ It also says the first 64 cells of of creation are the 64 codons of your genetic code.


Everyone has tendencies, genetic vulnerabilities and strengths. Is it time to maximize your potentials? Are you are looking for ways to heal or nourish yourself?

In the womb your fetus recapitulates human evolution/development from worm to human. And after birth you develop your brain and perceptual world. The one you will live from for the rest of your life. Your baby self developed with neuromuscular patterns, movement sequences which allowed you to move from lying to sitting standing and walking.

So keep trucking. If you want to know more, repattern genetic or perceptual neuromuscular patterns which also pattern behavior and the felt experience of life, come for a session or training.

Let your health and well being nourish those you love and love you.

Sending Light, Kyra…your Magical Healer

expert in Brain Concussions and a few other things

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