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Magical Healers

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I have always wanted to be a magical healer…and now I am. You are too! Your body is always wanting to come into balance aka homeostasis. However if you are way out of balance or have simply gotten older you may need support to optimize your well-being.  You can always have a session with me on-line or in-person. I even have a program which helps you do just this for yourself and others. Email me for details at Ky**@bo************.com

The Elements

There are a number of elements which factor into health and well-being. Not the least of which is the sometimes toxic soup you maybe living in even if you live in the country. Chemical plants and industry are often situated in those otherwise green landscapes. They spew toxic fumes into the very air you breathe. Or you might be addicted to tuna fish and be drowning your body in mercury.

You need to be aware of your external as well as your internal environment. I can help with the internal one to rebalance your energetic system through the meridians and chakras and the array of physical systems within you, like bones, muscles, organs and the craniosacral rhythm. It is also possible for us to dialogue with your body and repattern traumatic events releasing emotions which have manifested as painful conditions or injury.

Your body is the focal point of the now. It is the vehicle for your emotions, mind and spirit. If you are ready to let go of unwanted ‘baggage’ I am ready to help.

My Journey

I developed rheumatoid arthritis with ankylosing spondylitis when I was younger. It was devastating and ended my career in dance as a solo artist and choreographer. The good news was that the doctors forgot to tell me it was incurable so I got well.

I have been on a journey for years of learning and discovery to help others besides myself with natural healing. My back pack is filled to the brim with tools which I have literally at my fingertips or in my library.

Distant Healing

Distant healing is the newest arena in which I excel.  Still, it did take awhile for me to let go of all conventional reality and recognize I could heal on Zoom as well as I did for my in-person clients. This is even after the fact of I teaching Distant Healing for nearly thirty years in my Reiki trainings.

I have always been great at healing on phone. Now I can just think healing for a client and it can happen. I do like to meet you on-line before going to my super duper healing instant approach…if you are curious come for an On-line Session!

Staying Young

The next thing I am exploring is renovating my body wellness to encourage myself to be the body of my 22 year old self with a special energetic menu. I like to practice on myself…and then will share. Would you like to know?


Spirit is the context of Body Being & Heart. Healing is all about embodying your spirit!  Many people feel religions entomb spiritual principles as if these principles were written in stone. But the truth, for me, is your body is the temple of the Divine and is mostly water.

You know when you feel well and you know when you feel love…and you know when spirit is present and you are present to spirit. Let me end by offering you a little gift ‘5 Steps to Enlightenment,’ the ultimate magic!

Sending Light & Love, Kyra

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