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Distant Healing

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I have received many distant healing sessions throughout my life. I have taught distant healing as part of Reiki II trainings for nearly thirty years. What is distant healing and how do you do it?

Just the Basics

First, you need to understand that you are a bio-electric vibrational being.I recently read, you could put all the matter in the more than 7 billion people of the world into something the size of a sugar cube. You-We are mostly space…vibrating though we appear and act as if we are solid. Big WOW!

It also means that time and space are not necessarily an impediment to directing a vibration for the purpose of healing. No doubt you have heard of prayer circles. Of course, it takes skill and practice to master the art of long distant healing. I am not a scientist so I won’t go into depth in a scientific thesis but I will share a story or two from my own experience.

My Experiences

I went to a week long meditation retreat where we were sitting for 10 hours a day. I had to have a wheelchair to get between terminals on my flight home. My back was out. I then had two Reiki Master’s work on me long distance. I was perfect the next day!

Another time I was in India where I had just met a guru who touched me deeply. I sat in his presence for the first time and cried. The tears were tears of recognition. He resonated a place of happiness and home in me. I returned to my hotel to find an e-mail from my healing mentor. It said “You are glowing. It must be good!” Now this was not a healing story but points to the fact that distance is not a problem. I was in India; my healing mentor was near Cleveland, Ohio.

Stay tuned for more distant healing adventures in the future….in the meantime check out descriptions of distant healing and/or start on your own healing journey with the amazing ten steps of the Alchemy of Healing 

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