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Aging Gracefully

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Yes, You are growing older but are you Aging Gracefully? I have to say I have been feeling even older since the pandemic started as only under 40 year olds were considered young by media and the medical community.

Aging Gracefully means looking good and feeling good! This also means having some life skills. Under this topic I would put basic healing skills, a sense of the spark within…I call this spirit and unfolding your awareness and intuitive abilities and yes, of course understanding-relating & communicating with yourself and others.

Staying Young

I  taught courses on Staying Young when I was in my 40’s. The principles I taught have held true for me but now that I am older time to amend the topic. Aging Gracefully is the topic today.

I have to tell you I have one gift…probably many but in this arena, the gift is I look much younger than my years. I mean last Autumn the bank teller thought I was in my 40’s. If you guess my age and I do not know you, I am happy to give you my Wise Women Stress Mastery videos for free just ky**@bo************.com“>e-mail me with your guess. And If you would like to have this kind of result read on….


You know the basics: diet, eat organic, eat your greens, don’t drink too much alcohol etc.; exercise, moderately, do something active you enjoy; relationships, be grateful for your friends and family, forgive easily…and the list goes on. What more is on your list?

The pandemic has made the need to be proactive towards your health and well-being a necessity. Yes, you can do more than wash your hands.

Allopathic medicine treats disease not the individual, integrative, holistic medicine and bodywork treat the person Hands-on approaches support your well being as a whole. They do not just fix structural issues. Hands-on bodywork keep you well. Discover Body Being & Heart, gentle non-invasive therapies in person or on-line.


Do you have any healing skills? Reiki, natural healing, is one of the easiest to learn. Once you learn Reiki, it is yours forever. It is inside you if you call upon it. You can use it for yourself and others. And yes if you want to be a ‘healer’ you will want to know more. Just remember a ‘healer’ is a person who facilitates and supports the other in healing.

What I love about Reiki is it supports your intuition, meditation and gives you easy access to immediate help from the Universe. If you are interested in having a Reiki course with me ky**@bo************.com“>just e-mail. It can be in person or on-line!

Aging Gracefully

Aging Gracefully means coping with all the little problems that come up and finding a way solve or resolve. Doing what you can and finding support when you need it. Please download the Alchemy of Healing with insights into the art of self healing and of course aging gracefully.

What’s my biggest secret to well being and aging gracefully? It is not the creams and supplements I take. The biggest secret is…tune in next time…for navigating uncertainty…

P.S. Picture in sidebar…I was 60…photo associated with this blog, not so so long ago.

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