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De-Stress Gems!

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This De-Stress Gems blog is for both men and women but let’s face if you are a woman you are going to love it because most women love gems! I mean ‘Diamonds are a girls best friend!’ Yes? The ‘De-Stress Gems’ in this blog are actually stones and crystals…to me these are gems because they will have a positive effect on any stress you may have.


Let’s start with some basics about crystals and stones.Some are uppers, they stimulate.Other stones and crystals balance and ground your energy. I will speak to those that balance and ground you. I will also give you a super cool bonus suggestion to both heal and chill!

Relax, Ground & Re-Balance

The best stones to relax you….Drum roll please, are Boji rocks and Shungite stones. Boji rocks aka Kansas pop rocks have been here since the creation of planet earth. They are found in southwest Kansas. I was originally told they were found on slate deposits. I recently read they were embed in earth pyramids which seem to be gradually coming to the surface. Bojis are made from pyrite, marcasite or jarosite.

More about Bojis…

Whatever… you need to know that they come in pairs. The smooth round ones are female and the rougher ones are regarded as male. Holding them will relax and ground your energy. If you tend to feel out of your body or overwhelmed by other peoples energy, thoughts etc. these are excellent to keep you rooted in your own body both physically and energetically!

Take care to keep boji rocks on organic material. I have one I keep in a leather pouch and others, I keep in a nest of wood. They will apparently disintegrate if you keep them on a metal surface.

I go through phases. There was a time when you could not part me from my boji rocks. I carried them to India with me. And I remember when I found myself sitting in a meeting of over 50 psychics, the energy was super intense. I held onto my boji!


You can purchase this stone in the form of jewellery, pendents, bracelets. So easy to wear and use. A male friend wears an ankle bracelet of shungite when he teaches. Shungite, a lustrous black stone, found in Russia, consists of 98% carbon. I give my clients from time to time, a 6″ long round stick of shungite and one of soap stone to hold to bring calm and balance their chakras. This combo works especially well.

Shungite is a wonderful stone for when you are feeling ‘flier,’ un-grounded and not present or in situations where you need to focus. It is simply divine, beautiful and centering.

I don’t remember how I came to be connected to boji rocks. My first experience of shungite happened when I went to a gem and mineral show in downtown Montreal. The energy was intense. I was simply drawn to the one space of calm in front of a booth of shungite.

 Now the Cool!

You have probably heard of hot stone massage which can be deeply relaxing. If you are hot however and need to chill try putting a few flat stones like agate or obsidian into the freezer. They are not as frigid as ice cubes and they feel so good when you place them on your temples, back of your neck and even over your eyes or right beneath your collar bones. Place them where you need them. Great for headaches!

Stones Help You De-Stress

I hope you enjoyed this brief foray into the world of De-Stress Gems. I was once married to a crystal shaman. And I have any number of stories to share. He wasn’t a teacher, so I taught his courses and also the crystals themselves taught me.

Crystals and gem stones are valueble. They can be very beautiful and also they have vibration.  We mere mortals are electromagnetic, bio-electric beings affected not only by others but also the vibrations around us. Healing comes when we attune to the vibrations, sound, colors that are appropriate for us. Healing comes when you you allow for healing. Stones help…

Visit Body Being & Heart Sessions to learn more! If you really want to dive into alleviating stress even more check out Wise Women Stress Mastery video series



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