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Weather or not

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Weather or not it is cold and wintery, it is always a good time for renewal. Are you ready? Or are you cocooning…which is another way to be saying you are getting ready to renew. The weather changes and so do you. Whether or not you are ready the world is in a whirlwind of shifts.

Some of these shifts are about being open to a new level and dimension of consciousness. So many people are awakening to expanded states of awareness. How about you? Are you letting go of limiting beliefs embedded in your body? Are you returning to your true essence and creativity. Healing yourself is a creative process, only you know where it starts and when it finishes.  This is life, an unfurling, exploring, search for the light and meeting with the one in you.

Nancy’s Art

I love this beautiful image featured above and just below. It was created by my father’s wife Nancy Lober. She calls it Renewal. It is among the first images she has created since his passing.Renewal


And the image reminds me of a card my sister sent me after I injured my ankle…the card read “I get up I walk. I fall down. Meanwhile I keep dancing.”

The treasure of my family is their creativity and sincerity….I am so blessed.  And it is so important to appreciate our blessings.

And funnily in French the word blessé means injured…renewal from injury is a blessing.


Even if you are awakened, you can still be stressed. If you need relaxation and a process to follow to envision your next steps you simply must try my Crystal Heart Meditation. The offer page is mostly for those who need convincing and statistics…but the Crystal Heart Meditation is pure heart….and you also get a session with me. Check it out!

Sending Light & Love, Kyra

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