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Inner Beauty

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It is also a quality of the divine. Seeing the beautiful around you, in the sky, in world, your home, yourself, is to be close to the sacred. If you allow yourself to see the beauty, you will also be giving yourself a moment of joy and love. And these are healing feelings!


I like and practice giving happiness to myself. No, it is not the hyperactive bounce to the ounce excitement demonstrated by the ever ready bunny. This is a happiness which creates peace, calm and connection.

When we experience beauty around us it nourishes us and is reflected in us. So start with your own self.


I am always surprised when people, often young persons tell me how beautiful I am. It happens, unsolicited several times a month.

I only wish I had fully owned, acknowledged, valued this throughout my life. It has become a secret pleasure in my now older years because it is totally unexpected and unsolicited. And when it occurs, I feel like I have eaten a very delicious chocolate.


My father valued character over looks. So for the longest time I have not valued my looks. And no, I do not wear tons of make up. A little blush on and lip gloss or balm go a long way. Less is always more especially when you are in your older years.

I trust it is not just my physical looks which inspire people to complement me. The glow of connection to the inner flame of being is what I hope catches people by surprise. Who knows…

Your Inner Beauty

This all just to say that the next time you look into the mirror acknowledge your inner beauty and tell yourself you love you! It may give you a secret delicious feeling which is so very nourishing.

If you need more inner peace experience the Peaceful You! It offers a mini session On-Line with me. I know this offer initially focus on stress…but the wonderful Crystal Meditations are totally relaxing and magical…and the energy healing you get from me is priceless.

Sending Light & Delight, Kyra

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