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For the Birds

Sharing is Loving

Wherever you go, wherever you are, you represent more than your own self. No pressure. Life calls you to put your best Self forward. What does this mean? Not a fake you but who you really are. ‘Who am I’ is an essential spiritual question put forth by Ramana Maharshi, one of India’s greatest saints. It is the journey of self inquiry, a journey which will take you to the luminous within. So if you are traveling to far away places or interiorly through prayer or meditation, be your amazing self!

For the Birds

I went out this afternoon and people on the street were looking upwards to the tree across the street. There sat the largest bird they had ever seen. The consensus was it was an eagle and it had dropped its lunch to the ground.

I hope it was an eagle and an auspicious sign for the coming year. I trust it came back for its lunch, a not so small pigeon.

The Zoo

This was not the largest bird I have ever seen. I once went to the zoo in T…..The birds there were almost as tall as me, or so it seemed. I was followed around by a gang of young toughs but they just wanted their picture taken. There were crowds of school children. They waved at me and I waved back. I felt a little like princess Diana representing England.

It was at the zoo that I realized especially for India at the time, that I was representing the West.  Now a days India has become more international but in those days white women, traveling alone, dressed in Western clothes was out of the ordinary.

Me, I have dual citizenship. I travel abroad on my Canadian passport. Let’s face it, American’s do not realize they are not held in high esteem in many countries. They are not alone as a country. I hear China too is developing a reputation. Still it will take awhile before the image of the loud American dies away and they build back better. Respect is key. Appreciation is key, Connecting appropriately is key.


Best is healing your relationship with yourself then it is easy to have be your best most wonderful self. And all the rest takes care of itself. Come for a spiritual and energetic healing rebalancing or a Reiki Course On-line or In-Person.

Sending Light & Love,

‘Antara’ Kyra Lober

Your Magical Healer

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