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'Antara' Kyra Lober, creator of Body Being & Heart Somatic Alchemy, is certified in CranioSacral Therapy, Shiatsu, Body-Mind Centering®, Reiki...


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Now is a great moment to envision, dream and manifest your next step on your path to fulfilling your inner calling. Whatever your vision is, it is time to put your hopes and dreams into reality. So many people these days are realizing it is time to change directions.

Change is the only constant in life. You are born…and believe me, you will never fit into your baby clothes again. And no, you do not want to wear the clothes from your twenties, unless you are in your twenties. My problem, those clothes won’t fit me anymore, sigh. ETC. ETC.

Where are you now in your life path? What and where would you like to be? How do you want to get there? What is next for You?

My Path

I was called to dance and create dances. Reading everything my father read and writing were also things I enjoyed. In fact, I was the poetry editor of my school literary magazine at the High School of Performing Arts in New York. The school was the basis of the movies ‘Fame.’ What a feeling’ it was…

I went on to receive grants and scholarships in dance and even good reviews in the New York Times for my solo choreographies. But all things change.

I was always tired and had excruciating pain, swollen joints. It took a year to diagnose but I was finally told I had rheumatoid arthritis with ankylosing spondylitis. The doctors put me on medication which if I had continued on them would have left me with kidney failure and probably dead. I was lucky the doctor forgot to tell me the condition was incurable, so I got well.

I became a therapist and created Body Being & Heart, Healing for Body and Spirit, a body centered approach to wellness. BBH integrates all the therapies I found helpful on my journey to wellness, physical, energetic and emotional. Key modalities used are CranioSacral Therapy, Vibrational Acupuncture, Chakra Balancing and the all purposes energy healer, Reiki.

Spiritual Path

I had many mystical and magical experiences on my journey. And I have to say everyone in my family has a different spiritual path. They and I have changed them occasionally as well. I traveled the world on my spiritual path only to come back to myself. I love to assist others to realize and fully actualize their own potential and spirit.

Now & Then

I have over time, especially these last few years, become a magical healer. Zoom consults with energy healing is my modality of choice. So whether you are experiencing vaccine fallout, injury, heart break or spiritual crisis you can have a transformational healing with me in my Zoom room.

Remember me as a poetry editor? Well, I have written a spiritual, romantic fantasy ‘The Adventures of Alice Wonderbar.’ Coming out this next year.

Manifest Your Path

You change over time. Priorities shift. Life happens. What do you need to change in your life? If you want to move into the healing arts for yourself or others check out the Body Being & Heart program On-line and in person.

If you just need a personal session in the convenience of your own home with a Magical Healer, moi meme, book a session here. I can help you to open to your next step by experiencing a deeper aspect of yourself.

When I was a dancer even after two knee operations I could jump as high as a grand piano. I will not do that again in this life but so happy I did. Don’t miss out on You!

Below is the synopsis of  ‘The Adventures of Alice Wonderbar.’ Enjoy!

Love & Light,

‘Antara’ Kyra Lober

Your Magical Healer


The Adventures of Alice Wonderbar is a Spiritual Romantic Fantasy. It is the story of a woman who has explored her freedom. Alice is a sixties flower child who has matured into a magical mystical healer.

The novel begins with a series of dreams which Alice shares with her goddaughter Clara. The two go off to Mexico where they discover romance.

Alice meets her former lover, Ricardo who has barely survived the bombing of his radical church. His shaman and priests support native rights.  Clara, in the meantime, connects with Carlos, Ricardo’s second in command.

So begins this dangerous journey and struggle with outer space aliens in a bold attempt to create world peace. Alice and Clara encounter the Dark Side, those whose power comes from chaos and fear.

A host of artists, psychics, and spiritual masters join them in their quest. Alice, a Spiritual Master in her own right, discovers her deeper humanity.  She takes us all on a path of spiritual enlightenment.

The Adventures of Alice Wonderbar is a magical fun-filled fantasy grounded in contemporary spirituality. Alice puts you in touch with the conflicts and potentials of today’s world. Enjoy the wisdom it brings!




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