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Magical Wisdom

Sharing is Loving

I wanted to share my magical wisdom so you can  let go of stress and heal. Key to this is of course your willingness to use these suggestions. Every body has stress. Issues are bound to come up. Discovering how you can manage and support your healing process is key to your well-being.


Start where you are. Stop and listen to the sensations and feelings you are experiencing. If you are experiencing discomfort or pain recognize this as a sensation. It is not all of who you are.

Your next step is to slow down and then do what you can. Sometimes your body is telling you to stop or find a different way.

Realize whatever is happening, this too will pass. If you need my assistance you can book a session On-line or In person.  My On-Line Healings are amazing! I do them on Zoom. And Yes, you feel the energy in your body & being…that is the magic!

Short Term Interventions for Your Mind

There is no tiger in your room. You are the tiger. Compassion is ultimately the only Buddha Medicine there is. Be compassionate with yourself. Treat your mind as your friend.

Use medical drugs only for short term interventions. They have side effects. Find a natural way to manage your stress. Body Being & Heart Sessions rebalance & relax all of you. They work on your parasympathetic system, rest and digest. It’s your let go system.

Magical Wisdom

Magical Wisdom is practical wisdom. Listening to your body, your feelings, and observing your mind chatter is a wonderful meditative practice. It puts you in touch with You. Just sitting for a few minutes, will put you in touch with you. Remember to breath and also attune to your essential self. Be aware of your awareness.

No need to get rid of your thoughts in meditation, just don’t believe everything they share. You are more than your mind and more than your body. The truth, if there is such a thing as total truth, you are consciousness. In fact, you are consciousness in form. You are a human being. What fun!

Adapt, Adjust, Accommodate

Key to your success is your ability to adapt, adjust and accommodate to whatever is happening. Magical Wisdom is your ability to do these three things wherever and however you find yourself. Sometimes you will need extra support.

Discover the Peaceful You right now to enable your wellbeing and have fun as you envision the unfolding future and access your magical wisdom. You also get a Zoom consult with me! And an E-Book on how to use crystals with the Crystal Heart  and Crystal Palace Meditations.

Magical Healer

I have finally become the magical healer I already am…I thought I had to become but I have realized I was always that! The grand joke of life is we are already what we were trying to become, not knowing this is already so. This is my ultimate Magical Wisdom because the magic is in you. You may need to reread these sentences to get the gist of it. As an old friend once said ‘Life is a Rink, don’t bother to Think.’

You go round and round as if you were skating in an ice rink only to come back to you. Your essential self already has in it what you deeply desire. You may need to increase your skills to express or get support to facilitate and manifest all you are already.

Sending Light & Love,

Kyra Lober,

Your Magical Healer!

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