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Teleportation Health

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You may be wondering what is Teleportation Health ? And how does it work? Teleportation Health is the new word for Distant Healing Consultations. How does any of this work? Is it magic? Maybe depending on your point of view it seems this way but from an energetic perspective it is all about subtle perception put into action.

Teleportation Health formerly’ Long Distance Wellness’ is energetic healing, re-balancing from afar. It uses the intent and vibrational skills of Reiki, Vibrational Acupuncture, as well as spiritual counseling to create wellness at a distance. Suddenly you feel better! These sessions are over Zoom and without physical contact from the comfort of your own home.

Each session includes an opportunity to share your issues and ask your questions. You will have an energy rebalancing to support your health; your creativity, an opportunity to relax, let go of stress or ‘stuckness,’ and align your Spirit!

By the by, Teleportation, in Teleportation Health, refers to bringing your energetic body to my healing room or healing vibrations to You wherever you are in the world for your Health and well-being.

Single & double sessions plus the New Deluxe Session with recording, report and meditation designed for You are now available. Just Book on the Teleportation Health tab for all the possibilities.

You are a vibrational bio-electric being, update to your highest frequency…

*Available on Zoom to the comfort of your own home anywhere in the world!

What Happens Next

Detective Lober is always in the house. At least, I feel like a detective when I am attempting to discover the root cause of the issue you are having. One way to assess your situation is by asking you a few questions.

Then you will be asked to sit or lay down. I don’t need to see you. It is called Teleportation Health because my process is to rebalance your well-being from a distance. I check your chakras and internal organs, your meridians and acupuncture points. I may do CranioSacral Therapy or Brain Therapy if this is needed or simply rebalance the Po, Hun, Yi, Zir and Shen. Those ancient Chinese had it altogether a long time ago. I will consult my menus and Rishi handbook.

Of course, I have already checked whether the problem is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. These are general categories, when I have more time, as in a double session or Deluxe Session, I go into past-lives, psychology, DNA and use extensive menus.

I rebalance as I check what is happening in you. You can come for a session, a double session or even a Deluxe Double Session where I will record a personalized healing meditation for you and send you a report and suggestions.

Of Course!

Of course, I would love to see you in person for a regular or double session if you live in Montreal. You can also visit Montreal and have two or three days of double sessions for the ultimate healing & Spiritual experience! Contact me for Details and how we can arrange this!

Sending Light & Love,

Kyra, Your Magical Healer

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