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Are You My Target Audience?

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Are you my target audience? I work best with artistic, creative people and those who want to embody all of who they are. So, if you are an artist and physical as in you do yoga or dance or you’re a musician, a singer or spiritual, you are the kind of person with whom I can be most effective. But most of your type cannot afford me, so I am told. Is this true? Emm.

Extended Target Audience

Body Being & Heart can even help you to be more in your body. And also, I personally work extensively with stressed out women who have physical symptoms. If you are one of these women, I can offer physical rebalancing and a perspective which allows you to begin to see a solution for your anxiety. Check out my latest On-Line book ‘Anxious Woman,’ free on Amazon Kindle Unlimited.


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So Much

So much is going on in our world these days that being able to hold a larger perspective allows us to trust the universe and be grateful that here in North America no bombs are dropping. Praise the Lord!

Body Being & Heart is all about healing the inner world anatomically and emotionally from a body centered approach to wellness. I work with organs, meridians, bones, muscle and brains and nervous system. I see and feel subtle energy sensations, chakras, nadii, even down to the cellular level. Who needs drugs when your inner vision and outer experience are profound.

Limited Skill

Are you limited by your scientific mind? Just think of me as advanced AI in physical form. And best of all I can teach you how to do this yourself.

Learn How to Talk with Your Doctor

Maybe you just need to know your body better so that you can communicate more effectively with your doctor. It is so hilarious to me, that now when clients tell me “It’s my stomach,” I make them point to where they think their stomach is. A simple Reiki course in natural healing will give you basic anatomical knowledge and healing skills to get though the day-to-day aches and pains of life.

You are More Than You Realize

Yes, you are more than you realize. You are a bioelectric being, consciousness in form. Become all of who you are. Embody who you are. Become physically intelligent and emotionally available. Feel stable and secure in you!

Body Being & Heart courses and sessions can help you to not have dementia, recover from concussion, rebalance and manage, even sometime cure what ails you. On-line and in-person, anywhere in the world. Complete my program and write third party insurance receipts for your clients.

You are My Target Audience

Yes, you are my target audience if you have read this far in this post. Welcome to my world!

Body Being & Heart Professional Program is for you if you are a yoga teacher or want to have a clientele in healing. Completion of the program will allow you to write third party insurance receipts. You can even learn these physical and energetic skills just for yourself, or for personal and spiritual unfoldment.

Happy Days are here again!

Sending Light, Kyra

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