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Root Chakra

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Your root chakra, located at the base of the pelvis and extending to your feet, is your chakra of grounding, your connection to your tribe or peoples, perhaps even people from past-lives. It is also known as your money chakra although some put this at the level of your second chakra.

What Does the Root Chakra Do?

Do you feel ungrounded? Disconnected? Or perhaps not as rich as you would like to be? Do you have foot problems, knee, sacrum and/or sciatic issues? Did you like me, fracture your coccyx playing my one and only game of basketball at age 13. Things happen. Life is like that and then you need to find a solution to your issue if it troubles you.

I have been working nearly all my life with my root chakra because of the early fracture but also because astrologically I only have one planet in the earth element. I have learned how to trust life and feel grounded even as I reach for the stars spiritually.

Body Being & Heart, Healing for Body and Spirit has solutions whether you come in person or on-line. And now you can even have double sessions when you have a need to talk as well as a healing. I listen, support and sometimes advise you in finding your answers to what is disturbing you. Unravel your issues and discover how you can support your own well-being. Everyone has blind spots. If you need to talk or simply heal your body with a gentle Body Being & Heart Session this is for you!

Get to the Root of Your Issues

Personalized sessions draw from Chakra Balancing to CranioSacral Therapy to Vibrational Acupuncture, Reiki and Somatic Education.

I am now offering a Deluxe Double Session On-line which is recorded with a special meditation just for you.

Get to the root of your issue. Body Being & Heart offers a spiritual, non-dualistic approach with a vibrant contemporary healing approach and ancient wisdom.

More Information on Chakras

So, whether it is just your root chakra you need to rebalance and sometimes I do it with crystals or include the chakra balancing as part of the overall healing experience. If you and your tissue are available healing can happen.

Here’s more information on Chakras. There are sessions, courses, and programs which are intuitive, energy and scientifically based. Now what part of your brain is processing this? If you want to know, come to a Body Being & Heart brain course.

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