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Remember Your Best Day!

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The darkening evening sky of November can be a quiet time of remembering soldiers and those we have lost in our lives but also it can be a time of self-reflection and healing for yourself.


The word remember is interesting. Re and member, in a sense means put together. To remember your own self can be a time to reflect on your best day or best days of your own life.

I know when I go into the dance studio, my body automatically feels better. I dance better and feel so much more attuned to my own body and being.

So, I highly suggest doing the things you have always loved to do but as you get older doing them in a gentler way. The message is keep moving. Your body is designed to be physically active.


Regret nothing. Life is an exploration and discovery experience. What have you learned? Alright, there are a few things I wish I knew before, that’s before. Hindsight as they say is 20/20. But still, it may be time to celebrate your wins…and spit out the rest.

Remember Your Best Day

I also suggest you remember the very best and most alive day of your life. This will bring in more vitality and aliveness into your life right now, in this very moment. Go for it! See and experience it for your own self.


Remembering ultimately is about discovering who you truly are. Ultimately you are not your body, you are the consciousness which inhabits it. But do take good care of your body.

Take a moment to re-member who you truly are: the awareness of awareness. What you pay attention to may consume you if you do not rest into awareness from time to time. Because you are not what you eat but what eats you!

And always remember ‘You are perfect just as You are…and You are good enough! Yeah!

Support for You

If you need a bit of support from injury, stress or life in general or particular, you can contact me for spiritual counseling and Teleportation Health aka Distant Healing on Zoom. You can be anywhere in the world for Body Being & Heart session and most courses like Reiki, natural healing. Have you seen the course descriptions?

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Remembering Friends

You may want to take a moment to remember friends or send healing thoughts to parts of the world which could use your blessings. Reflection, compassion and honoring through remembering is human and lets us be more humane.

I would like to remember several friends who have been so kind and each in their own way quite wonderful to me. John Easton who sent me homeopathic remedy during the pandemic. And Yes, it worked…I never even got a cold during that time.

I hold in my heart Carol Ann Newton who appeared in a dream to let me know she had passed. She has been so kind to me in my twenties and beyond. She gifted me with a Blue Butterfly, among many things. Butterflys have become the logo of Body Being & Heart. They are a symbol of transformation and to me, a symbol of freedom!

Sending Love & Light,

Kyra Lober, your magical healer and visionary author

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