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Sharing is Loving

Acknowledging and expressing your pain is good and also essential is finding a way to heal it. There is a way you can do both.


Are you feeding your pain-body? Are you feeling emptiness or over the top, briming with emotion and tension? Yes, it is good to acknowledge and express your pain and also it is wonderful when you can find a way to heal it.

Expressing, sharing, feeling your emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and energetic discomfort will bring relief but this is only part of the solution. Relief is temporary, healing is permanent.

What is Healing?

Healing is not always the same as cure and sometimes it is. Cure disappears the problem, like a magic eraser. Healing may disappear the issues or help you manage the problem and give you a new perspective.


Are you making yourself miserable, over and over and over again? Well, it is time to set yourself Free! Take responsibility for the misery you are creating in yourself. What does this mean? It means realizing you are participating in the problem in a way which does not serve you.

Once you realize you are part of the problem, your attitude, beliefs and rules about how the world should be or how you should behave, you can then look to see how to shift your responses. In other words, take responsibility for how you are doing it to yourself and making yourself miserable.

Some people even benefit by holding on to misery. Being a victim is like a side of French fries for some people…delicious but pernicious and fattening. So, check if you get a payoff from misery.

For Instance

If sitting at the computer for too long hurts your back, what does this tell you? Are you only thinking about your problems? What does this tell you? Maybe shifting your mental, physical, emotional, spiritual behaviors and beliefs will solve a substantial part of the problem. Just saying…

And it is Not Your Fault!

Life has unending challenges to solve. Some are small and some are big. I have always felt we all need adversity training. Discovering how you can be with these issues is a lifelong meditation.

Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart Tolle wrote a whole book on the pain-body. ‘A New Earth,’ He framed this book in a positive way by saying it was about awakening to your life’s purpose. And it is, if you let go of feeding your pain body. Need personal help to do this just come to a Body Being & Heart session

Where are you stuffing Your Pain

I had a friend who had a wart in his mouth and did not want to remove it because…when it acted up, he knew he was stressed. You may be a person who feels everything…and everyone else’s feelings too or you may not always be conscious of your feelings. You may only have somatic/body symptoms like my friend with the wart. There’s an upside and downside to either but bottom line you need to discover what and how you need to pay attention and re-center yourself.

Heal Your Pain-Body

Body Being & Heart Sessions, Courses and Retreats can help you know yourself, reduce and even eliminate your pain, In-Person and On-Line. In fact, there is a new term to describe Distant Healing sessions: Teleportation Health. Why? Because your energetic body is placed in the practitioner’s hands wherever they may be in the world and returned to you rebalanced and healed.

Nurture yourself. And let’s face it, if you want to support peace in the world, start by ending your inner war. Find peace in Yourself!

Sending Light, Ky**@bo************.com or call 514 271-5941

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