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Mind Matters

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Mind matters because you believe your mind chatter, and think this you. Your brain is part of your body. Scientists have yet to explain how mind and consciousness manifest or where you will even find it in your brain. Yes, it is still a mystery.

So, if you are believing your negative thoughts as truth, you are stuck. There is no way to surgically cut them out. And pills may help for a moment but they are not a long-term solution. Besides, pills have side effects and often stop working entirely.

Now, I am not saying you should only think positive thoughts or feel only positive feelings. Being alive means feeling and thinking it all. Hopefully you have begun to exam your thoughts and feelings. ‘Know Thy Self’ is the first goal of a spiritual life. And no, you don’t need to be celibate to be spiritual.

Mind Matters

Mind matters if you bring your awareness to bear witness to it. If you are conscious of reading these words, you are aware. That little bit of wiggle room between identifying with and being aware, can allow you freedom from drowning in negativity or over the top positivity.

Everything has an upside and a down side. There’s too much and too little in everything. This is a basic principle in Body Being & Heart Vibrational Acupuncture.

So, if you are drowning in your mind chatter or emotional turmoil or if you are sucked under by the woes of the world or your personal tragedies, there is a way to be saved. Those tools to save you are already in you.

Start Simple

 Your body wisdom is there for you. Your body can help rescue you. Being active, physical, in whatever way is appropriate for you will help you be in your body and bring your attention out of your mental and negative emotional states.

Your body is born to move not sit at a computer. Have you noticed? Dancing for four to eight hours worked when I was twenty. Now, walking, stretching, doing Chi Gong or going to the studio to dance for an hour, does it for me. Yes, be age appropriate and keep moving, singing and dancing!

Listen to what your body needs and wants. Your body has its reasons. Unclutter your mind and come into your body. There is a place within you where logic, emotion and wisdom can come together and heal you. And this is where Body Being & Heart sessions, courses and retreats can help you to jump into wisdom within.

Set yourself Free and Heal

Body Being & Heart Sessions Rebalance the physical, emotional and energetic and spiritual. Come visit the sacred space of your own self!

Don’t forget to get your copy to ‘Anxious Woman’ your guide to De-Stress and Enlighten!

Sending Love & Light, Kyra

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