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Happy Days?

Sharing is Loving

What makes for your ‘Happy Days?’ Feeling well and being well works for me. Learning new skills; meeting up with friends; sharing my wisdom; giving sessions which help women; writing books. Have you read the newest one ‘Anxious Woman.’ This little Kindle book shares how to de-stress and enlighten for your Happy Days!

Ok, petting my cat also makes me happy. She helps me make my bed in the morning and nibbles on me when I write. And she is so beautiful. Oh, and I love looking at the sky, watering flowers…seeing beauty!

Terrible Times

These are terrible times. I am grateful no bombs are falling on Canada or the U.S.A. But dreadful things are happening in our world. You can help support Peace by ending your own inner war. You can join the Body Being & Heart Healing Circle to support world healing and your own.

Do not collapse or you will not pass go and will have to come back for another lifetime. Just joking, I have no idea but collapsing does not help. Find a way to support your happiness. Your happiness supports the best outcomes.

Positive Outcomes

Every experience you have has an upside and a downside. Decide which one benefits you most. If you need support, we can ask my cat Fuji to help…or better yet have a Body Being & Heart session.

If you want to develop your skills check out Body Being & Heart courses. I am especially interested in training Yoga Teachers to improve their private sessions and be able to give third party insurance receipts.

Every outcome gives us information about what to do or not do. Have you noticed? The game of life is part of the mystery. Anyone for badminton?

Kidding Aside

A positive action gets positive results. What is the positive action you need to take for your Happy Day?

Sending Love & Light,

Kyra, your magical healer and author


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