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Season of Stress

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Is it a season of stress? Or are you just enjoying the changing colors of the leaves? The seasons change and the wheel of fortune goes up and down. Best to center yourself and accept the inevitability of change.

Do what you can, of course! I know I am using anti-wrinkle serums and creams. But do not go gently into the dying of the light. And yes, daylight saving time is coming to my part of the world. What to do.

I sometimes spend more time fixing the mistakes I have made than I like to admit. After all, one grandmother was an alcoholic…not an issue for me and the other a gambler, so yes, I have been a risk taker. After all, besides being a therapist, author and spiritual guide, I am a solopreneur. Those are roles.  Tuning into my essence, I would say I am an experiencer of life and subtle perceptions. I am not a techy, so lots of mistakes there. One of my great teachers was Dr. Moishe Feldenkrais. He said “the more mistakes you make, the more you learn.”

I have learned lots in my life. How about you? We can all use support from time to time. I won’t ever jump as high as a grand piano in this life again. No amount of support will help me do that except in a non-gravity environment.

What I can support you in is healing with energy to tissue and somatic (physical) interventions as well as dialoging with you and your body (Somatoemotional Release). Feel better and recenter yourself with a Body Being & Heart session, in-person or on-line and relax to the max.

This is possible if you and your body tissue are available, able to sustain the interventions otherwise like my jumping as high as a piano, it will be out of the question. So no, I cannot make it possible for you to have a baby when you are ninety but possible if you are under forty, etc. etc.

Me, I had two knee operations and though when I was younger even after the knee operations, I was able to still jump as high as a grand piano. Now, many years later doctors say I am not even a candidate for knee replacement. The tissue of the knee is too damaged from the operations. So, it is up to me to take care of my knees. There is no medical fix. and I wonder if there ever was…but that is another story.

What I know is I can help, especially true if you are a woman in life changing and challenging situations with physical symptoms. Of course, do read my newly published book ‘Anxious Woman.’ Sign up and you will be directed to Amazon. You will also get special offers!


I mentioned a downside but my upside was recorded long, long ago in a review in the New York Times when I could indeed jump as high as a grand piano. Reading this review many years later I realized it captured who I truly am. An experiencer who expresses and shares wisdom, that which is permanent. Or as the reviewer wrote “The self was the subject, but by extension it included all of us.”

Season of Stress

If you are in a season of stress do book a session. But if only your neck is a bit tight and not too painful let me suggest you order a stand for your laptop or desk computer. You can stress over many things but sometimes there is help! I always say positioning is 9 tenths of the problem. Do what you can, get help if needed or simply because you enjoy it!

Sending Lots of Light, Kyra

Your ‘Magical Healer,’ author and spiritual friend 



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