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Gift of Healing

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Do you have a special talent? One of mine is the gift of healing for myself and others. When life gives you lemons, always make lemonade or at least put them in your guacamole! I have surrounded myself with people and even doctors who respect my areas of expertise and I respect them. Have you done this for yourself?

Body Being & Heart is complimentary to medical treatment. My GP of some thirty years, recently gave me my general check up blood results. And then he told me he was semi-retiring and would only be seeing heart patients. You have to understand, here in Montreal Quebec we are suffering a shortage of  family physicians. So I said to him “But Dr____, I am so low maintenance. And he said “You are right, I will keep you on the list.”

What to Do!

I contact my GP once a year for a note for massage so I can claim it on my private insurance. Yes, in Canada we have public health insurance but it does not pay for complementary, alternative therapies. I am into preventive approaches which keep me well. After all, I had an autoimmune condition a very long time ago It was according to medicine, incurable. I got well using alternative, complimentary therapies or as one of my colleagues calls what we do ‘integrative medicine’.

Realizing the value of maintaining your health and well-being is super important. Taking some basic healing courses will even allow you to communicate better with your doctor.

Life Happens

Life happens and if you have lived well you probably have a few bobo’s to show for it. Surgeries may solve the problem in the moment after you recover from the surgery. BUT, they have consequences in the long run. After my knee surgeries I could still jump as high as a grand piano but no longer. I take very good care of my knees because I have had two surgeries and they won’t give me a knee replacement. The tissue is too vulnerable from the two surgeries.

I have been speaking of the physical issues, what about the emotional scars you are carrying in your body. In CrainioSacral Therapy we call these ‘energy cysts.’  Yes, there are special ways to speak with your body. I sometimes call this your inner animal and sometimes it relates to your inner child. Healing the past opens new possibilities for your future. I highly suggest SomatoEmotional Release aka releasing emotions stuck in your body.

Gift of Healing

Tis’ the Season to be Jolly! If you are wanting to give the gift of healing to someone you Love Click Here   If you would like to give a gift of healing to yourself  Click Here Body Being & Heart sessions are relaxing, healing, wondrous therapeutic experiences.

Those of you who have experienced the work.Please share your review of

Body Being & Heart! 

I trust you find these blogs informative and amusing as we all meander through life’s challenges and demands…I am creating a new complimentary gift for you called ‘Who Done It! a how to easily meet your wellness goals in the new year. I am open to hearing what I should include. Love hearing from you!

Sending Love & Light, Kyra

Your Author of  Healing

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