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Stress-Destress sounds like a jingle on a radio show. And this jingle is getting worldwide coverage these days. Don’t turn on the TV news. This jingle is in the air. What to do?

Me, I take a deep breath, tune into the Universe. Tell it what I need. And relax expectantly. Because the universe has always showed up for me. How about you?

Beyond Tired

What I am tired of these days is daylight saving time and the darkness of the days. Life is always changing so this to will pass. 2019 was according to statistics the best year we have had on the planet with the least amount of world poverty, healthcare and there were only 7 wars. There are in 2023 32 conflicts and some of them major. Our human world has since made up for this 2019 blip of wellness. Stress and man’s inhumanity to man has become a theme song.

What can we do?

You can take care of yourself. Simple things. Find happines in the small and large elements of your life. I love the sky; I love to see Christmas lights. Although I have to say I see Christmas as a cultural holiday and I love holidays that celebrate light, like Diwali, Hanukkah.

Here’s a poem my father wrote about light. I have added 2 last lines….

Light and Existence

Light is the medium of truth
Truth is the medium of love
Love is the perception of beauty
Beauty is the nature of existence
Existence is the will of the Self

Existance is Life itself

And You are That!



Remember to breathe, consciously from time to time. It is never do or die unless the bombs are dropping and they are not in North America.

Do not contract on yourself and squench your body into a knot. Take your supplements, especially vitamin D in the northern climates. Take care of yourself and remember your happiness adds to the light of the planet.

You Can…

You can always come for a Body Being & Heart session, On-Line or in-person. Stress-DeStress with the newest offering is a Delux Teleportation Health consult you can have from anywhere in the world. It includes a two hour Zoom healing session, a personalized meditation for you to replay and a written report.

You can read ‘Anxious Woman’ on Kindle Unlimited for Free! Or experience a six week video course Wise Women Stress Mastery. Something for every budget. Including the Peaceful You with the Crystal Palace and Crystal Heart Meditations, e-book and short energy balancing with me on Zoom.

Join the De-Stress and Enlighten Network Facebook Group!

Or entertain and distract yourself with the amazing and magical story of ‘Adventures of Alice Wonderbar.’ It is free on Kindle Unlimited. Alice’s book is a spiritual, romance fantasy, sure to inspire!


Don’t forget in Body Being & Heart sessions and courses you can discover how you can down regulate your Vagus nerve. The Vagus nerve is a ‘vagrant’ and wanders through many internal organs. It stimulates cortisol, the stress hormone. You can also discover how to enter stillness and give yourself a stillpoint. Release your stuck emotions and discover a new perspective. Nothing is against you, life is for you. Life is living you if you let it. And your happiness will benefit the planet and all the other peoples of the world.

Give the Gift

Give the gift of peace to yourself and others. It is the best gift of all. Only you can do this and if you need support you know where you can find Body Being & Heart, Healing for Body and Spirit!

Sending Light & Love, Kyra

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