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Energy Healer

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What is an Energy Healer? Whose energy? And what is energy? Just a few items I would like to address in this blog. Google kept calling my work energy healing and I meanwhile language what I share with clients differently. Finally, I have surrendered. Yes, I am an energy healer, ok, among other things.

Though I am writing this blog with a bit of ‘tongue in cheek’ humor, being a ‘healer’ takes me to the depth of my being and supports those who are ready to do the same. Are you ready for a session or to discover your intuition and healing skills?

Energy Healer

Laying on of hands is the oldest form of healing. It is like mommy kissing the bobo. Some people and some mommies are more effective than others…And other people just have good vibes, you want to be around them because of their energy!

So, what is energy? In physics, energy the ability to perform work. The law of conservation of energy states that energy can be converted in form but not created or destroyed. Translation: your spirit is eternal at least in the ethers!

Energy in human beings refers to your bioelectric field aka aura and how you feel in the morning.

My Work

In my work energy refers to movement and flow within body and energetic systems as well as how clients feel emotionally and their conscious awareness of  spirit, their connection between  themselves, their soul  and the world.

Energy systems include Chakras and Nadii, Meridians and Acupuncture points. Body systems include levels and structures within the brain and nervous system, organs bones, fascial, fluid systems, lymph, interstitial fluid, CSF etc. The list goes on and it is all connected.

In the Moment

Usually I am working energy to physical and energetic systems which link with the physical body. And usually this is with gentle touch therapies like CranioSacral Therapy.

I also when appropriate work with the subtle energy bodies and states of awareness linked with so called higher dimensions. It is all happening in the here and now. It all calls to what needs to happen in this moment or with the particular issue.

Teleportation Health

And then there is distant healing aka Teleportation Health. It is all energy directed from afar. I love to do it on Zoom. Do you learn all this in a day…hardly. But you can discover enough in a couple of weekends to have your own self healing kit for yourself and others. Contact me if you would like to learn the basics.

Treat yourself to a Deluxe Teleportation Health Session with a personalized meditation and report.

Oh Yes!

I danced on Broadway in my mother’s womb! I received many kudos, scholarships, and grants as well as good reviews in the New York Times during my dance career. And went on to train in Somatic Education with Dr. Moishe Feldenkrais and Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. The list goes on…

I teach my clients the secrets of moving well and solving their aches and pains. I move their bodies in nonhabitual ways which helps the process along for  Body, Mind & Spirit.

An example of non-habitual might be: if you keep waving your hand like the Royals of England do, you will probably develop carpal tunnel. Do you use a computer? Are you repetitively using your hands and wrist in a way that is hurting them? Yes, I can help you…

A client mentioned that when she receives sessions from other modalities, it feels localized whereas my session include the whole of her.


Reiki, natural healing is an energy to tissue/body approach which works with a specific vibration within the Quantum field. I love to teach it because participants get to explore their intuitive abilities and begin to learn about their anatomy. It is a great starting pointing.

Enlightened Healer

The Enlightened Healer program is a shortened version of the larger Body Being & Heart, Personal Development and Professional program which allows you to write third party insurance receipts. Enlightened Healers is an On-line Program Only. Start Here!

Energy Healer

Do You Have a Calling to help others in radical ways which go beyond just massaging bodies or are you a yoga teacher and want to expand the potential of your clients spiritually as well as physically. healing happens when you go to the core of awareness within yourself and hold space for other to do the same for themselves. I have a journey for you…

I am a light bearer, I am an energy healer…join me and embody the Light!

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