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Healthy Resolutions

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Healthy Resolutions are ones which make you Happy; no grin and bear it needed. This is the why and hopefully the ‘secret’ to implementing your deepest wishes for a Happy New Year!

I was going to make a PDF for you to download called ‘Who Dun it?’ Instead I am writing this blog to make sure you done it! Or at the very least, help you help yourself.

The Problem

The first issue is Who is the You who is deciding on these new resolutions? Is it from your mind? Like my brilliant sister, who had a full scholarship to Wellesley, a private women’s  prestigious liberal arts college equivalent to  Harvard, when she decided to lose weight years ago’ she decided to eliminate all sugar, salt and oil from her diet. She has a very strong mind; it did a great job but this was not her smartest decision. They carried her off to the hospital by ambulance.

Your mind is a muscle. Will power without substance does not serve you. You are not your mind. You have a mind. Time to be a master of  mind. I have sessions and courses for this so you can listen to the deeper and more authentic aspects of your being. Yes, I studied the brain and how to keep it healthy and how to deprogram dis-functional thought patterns and down-regulate the nervous system and of course the Vagus nerve!


Who are you making healthy resolutions for? If you are losing weight to attract a mate. When you are young this can be a double edged blade; especially when you use it to compare yourself to the models TV or in magazine.

Did I mention that losing weight is counted near the top of  everyone’s Health Resolutions? I hazard a guess these are mostly women. If you do want to lose weight do it responsibly. Fast and quick is usually back within a week.

I highly suggest respected weight loss programs. I lived in LA when going to university. Hollywood must be the mecca of weight loss doctors. I remember taking these pills and then I started dreaming I was dying. I stopped. Oh, amphetamines were great back then…but there were side effects.

But I too had a strong will, not quite as strong as my sister…however with age it has fallen short in the losing weight arena. I need support. Finally, I found it at Noom. Just Click for two free weeks. You will get to track your progress whatever type of diet you prefer. There is psychological support which from my perspective is very spiritual. Who knew that psychologists had discovered ancient wisdom!

Yes, last year I lost ten pounds. And I will go for another in the Spring. Everything grows in the Spring, including my weight.

Ah Finance!

Finance is another of the top resolutions. Being what is now called a solopreneur my BIG Secret is asking the Universe and knowing it supplies all my needs. People are, of course, the hands and feet of the universe. So I will ask You if you have enjoyed these Body Being & Heart blogs or had wonderful relaxing healing sessions with me, tell Google. Big Thanks!!! It helps me serve and contribute to the Universe.


Last but not least of the top resolutions is exercise. I hate exercise. I love to move! Dance was my first Love! Do what you love is the whole of the law of the Universe. Be age appropriate. More is not more. Your body was meant to move.

Remember to warm up. Remember sitting at the computer is the new smoking. I will have to do video blogs next year to help you stay in shape!

Mental Health

I almost forgot mental health and overcoming anxiety are sky rocketing as a concern. Young people transitioning into adulthood are facing harrowing issues after Covid-19, and the state of the world. Here in Montreal, the clash of immigrant family and Canadian values set the stage for difficulty. Whatever your age,  just remember you are not your mind.

I learned this back in the day when experimenting with acid. If anything got scary, I knew it was just my mind. That was a long time ago. Psychedelics do not appeal to me. I like the ‘visions’ but not the body sensations they bring.

What a gift to be conscious of pure awareness, to be present to presence!

Healthy Resolutions

I think you are getting the picture. Healthy Resolutions come from a willingness to embrace your health and well-being…appropriately!

Be gentle and compassionate to yourself

Slow and Steady

Do Your Research as needed

Do not diagnose yourself on Google

Ask and You will Receive

Trust the Universe

Get Support when You need it!



The coming of the New Year is also a time of reflection on what what you achieved or went through this past year. What happened for You?

Me, I did lose ten pounds. I helped people reach their goals to be happier and healthier in their lives. Key was enabling a woman in a toxic relating of seventeen years move to out on her own.

A young woman who called me just the other day her Fairy Godmother because she was able to move from home and become self supporting as she dealt with overwhelming anxiety and trauma. And there was a woman whose brain scan indicated a lessening of density in the frontal lobe and dis-functional behavior. Well-being has returned.

Oh yeah…Teleportation Health allowed me to disappear a tumor and cyst in a yoga teacher in Mexico. She did her part…and I mine!

I was delighted to have helped students in my Body Being & Heart, Personal Development and Professional Program achieve or move towards their goals in the healing arts. Also, I am delighted to have advanced students who are now professionals return for more wisdom.

I am delighted to be reveling in increase awareness of the Divine.

Fuji, my rescue cat, who I have rescued many times is living out her life in absolute comfort.

Sleeping cat

Happy to be writing my next Alice Wonderbar book ‘Tantra Queen’ to be ready for Summer reading 2024. Alice and I are going to India and the Sacred Mountain of the Fire Shiva.

Come Along

Oh, and I just bought a designer down jacket at half price on Boxing Day. It is Gold!

Sending Love, Light & Abundance…and Peace to World!

Kyra, Your, Magical Healer and Author




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