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Mine Enemy Grows Older

Sharing is Loving

How are you dealing with the aging process and the traits you do not love best about yourself? I heard from older friends when I was younger that it wasn’t all roses. And yet the wisdom of years can save us from undue unhappiness.

Years Ago

Years ago a dear friend of my father wrote a book with the same title as this blog. Alex King was a great raconteur, story teller. He appeared on the Jack Paar talk TV show many times in the sixties. Alex King was a recovered heroine addict from Vienna. I remember him at our apartment in some faraway suburb of Queens, having a migraine. He walked about the house with a white bandanna wrapped around his forehead. At that time he lived in a loft in Soho, later on Park Avenue in New York. Alex and his ‘enemy’ became very famous.

He also provided funds to send me to dance camp in Utah and provided moneys for housing in my first year at Bard College where I had a dance scholarship. What I remember best is a drawing Alex King made of me as a child pulling a red wagon…I still sometimes feel like this little one. I am still pulling along my wagon of dreams, projects to be manifest or are they pulling me?

Dreams to Manifest

Do you have dreams you want to manifest? Are you living the life you want? Is it time to refurbish your potentials no matter how old you are?

Me, I am about to choose the publisher for my first novel, a spiritual, romantic fantasy. I am so thrilled. And then I want to complete my book on Body Being & Heart, my work of so many years. I will do this as I teach my next Body Being & Heart program which starts soon. Here’s a short video on my work. Enjoy!

The new book project was started quite a long time ago and all I need to do is integrate my training manuals and stories…perhaps a few blogs into it. It is all about what I learned and discovered about life and healing through physical, energetic and spiritual modalities. A lifetime of reflections and observations. I trust it will help you are your path.

Mine Enemy Grows Older

If you want to join in the Body Being & Heart program of gentle light healing and discover its power, act swiftly we are starting soon. One thing life has taught me, it is important to have healing tools for your wellbeing as your ‘enemy grows older’

In the meantime, mine enemy grows older but so does the wisdom and joy within. How about you?

Sending Light, ‘Antara’ Kyra

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