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Happy Body Day

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Let us make of our body a ‘House of the Marvelous’…My sister, Alexandra Piacenza, wrote this wonderful poem, seen in full below. It echoes my message ’embody your Body Being & Heart by taking care of yourself because the body is the focal point of the now.’ And do remember  “Spirit is Embodied in your Flesh”. Something I learned long ago in my esoteric studies.


The context of Body Being & Heart, Healing for Body and Spirit is spirit and connecting to source, universe…the larger overarching reality in which we all live. Whatever your religion or spiritual practice once you are aware of the deeper mystery of life, it never leaves you. If you rest into throughout your day, healing and lightness of being are yours. Yes, we all need support sometimes. I am there to help you.

Happy Body Day

 I have a meditation I do throughout my day. Namely I am aware of when and how I contract and impinge on my happiness. If happiness is your true nature what are you doing to block it.

 You might ask ‘how can I unblock this stoppage?’ Awareness of when you block will give you the what you block it with…anxiety, frustration, fatigue, overwhelm and underwhelm, fear, anger, sadness. Have I covered it? Once you know what you do. You can ask yourself ‘Is it worth it?’ Is it worth impinging on your happiness?

I can get frustrated with tech. I needed to recognize most of my frustration was coming from lack of skill and from insisting it work the way I wanted right now. Recognizing the issues has left me more flexible and happier! Try it out.


If you need support book a Session On-Line or In-Person or a Personal Reiki Course so you can heal yourself!

House of Marvelous

In the meantime enjoy my sister’s marvelous poem.

Let us make of our body

a House of the Marvelous,

More than its functions,

More than its pleasures.

Let us make of our mind

a Temple of joy,

An echoing hall

of marbled beauty.

Let us make of our awareness

A steady flame

of devotion, attention.

Here now is

The true purpose

Of the gifts

Once puzzling:

To adorn the House

And welcome the Marvelous.

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Sending Light & Love, Kyra


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