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Health is Wealth

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Health is wealth but why wait until you are ill or injured to prioritize it. Life is an an exploration and what works for your Body Being & Heart is your path to wellness. If there is anything the pandemic, now becoming an endemic (something you have to live with), has taught us it is time to be responsible for your own wellbeing.

The basics for well-being are manifold but key for me are the ones listed below.


So, none of us is perfect, like I know I have to cut back on carbs. And yes, I have a sweet tooth. No, I won’t eat a whole carton of ice cream or a cake in one sitting but I do like a little sweet after a meal. I will let you know how I do in the next while.

My approach is to eat healthier as opposed to diet. I guess it is because having been a dancer in my younger years, dieting was always happening. And now I am just not interested but I am willing to be proactive for my health! How about You?

Moving for Life

The next part of well-being is moving. What kind of activities are you doing? Are they age appropriate. If you are over 40, over 50, over 60, over 70, things change. I will never jump as high as a grand piano in this life again but until a few years ago I did take a ballet class and later took Chi Gong.

Chi Gong is a way to work to balance your body using the meridians aka energy rivers of the body. Some people just like to dance (me too- free form) or go for walks. What ever you do, do something you enjoy!

Something for You!

I have just found a new Chi Gong activity to stimulate the immune system. Put your arm up on a wall at shoulder height, palm facing back and thumb up. If you need to turn your torso slightly away from your arm to feel the stretch  in lung meridian aka the inside of your arm. The lung meridian runs from just in from your shoulder to your thumb. Breathe, take nine deep inhales and exhales feeling the breath into your extended arm.


I also like to dance slow moving and feeling the energy of my hands and arms moving my energy downwards towards the earth and up and outwards towards the sky. Listen to your body and do what you need to do.


Another aspect of wellness has to with preventive or healing work. Body Being & Heart, healing for body and spirit offers a range of approaches from physical to energetic which allows your meridians, organs and physical structure down to the cellular level to come into balance.

I am an expert in concussions, head injuries, back pain and help you touch  the core of your being. This last means releasing emotional trauma from your body. The body speaks and has its reasons, did you know? Emotions and the body-mind have a lot to say to each other.

You can come in-person or explore an on-line session. Or you can expand your own abilities to heal yourself and others in Body Being & Heart courses in healing. You know what is right for you. A new program is starting soon. Discover how you can join. Just email Ky**@bo************.com.The new program includes 3 levels. One leads to writing third party insurance receipts. Another level is for personal development only. A third level is On-Line certification as an Enlightened Healer

Health is Wealth

I will let you know how I go with my sweet tooth. None of us is perfect. And radical is not the way to go. Generally a radical approach is not appropriate with diet, it tends to diminish your immune system. Radical of course is in the eye of the beholder. Remember everything is an exploration. Take care of yourself and remember Health is wealth!

Sending Light & Love, Kyra

Your Magical Enlightened Healer

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