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The Soma Drug

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Is your body a drug? Soma means body and your body is a hormone factory, so yes, your body might be drugging you. I remember feeling relieved when my hormones weren’t running my life. How about you?

Somatic means having to do with the body. And these days all sorts of mind exercises which can potentially influence your body are thrown into somatic mix. This includes NLP, and Mindfulness practices to help minimize the effect of feelings and your thoughts on your body.

Body Being & Heart

However, my training in somatic education and even my spiritual practices took me in another direction. Consequently the approach of Body Being & Heart is a body centered approach to wellness and spirit.  Moving the body has been key to this process.

Click here to see a short video on Body Being & Heart.

Visualization processes are basically mental aka visual thinking. I love visualization when integrated with a body practice. And also, I love movement whether this is at the micro or macro level. If you dance, if you focus on breath or cellular activity, movement is key. Let’s face it, if you are alive something in you is moving.

Just for Fun!

Just for fun focus on your breath for a moment and when you are ready become aware your whole body is breathing. Every cell of your body is taking in oxygen and letting go of what it does not need. This is called cellular breathing. Enjoy!

Rather than controlling everything you might consider empowering yourself. Feel what you are feeling. It may not express the whole truth but it will communicate a truth to you. What you do with this truth is up to you.

 Focal Point of the Now

Your body is the focal point of the now. The body is often denigrated in spiritual circles. You are told you are not your body or you must control your body, especially if you are a woman. Among other things, how slim are you?

The truth is spirit is embodied in your flesh.  If this is true, no matter how slim or slightly overweight your ideal, spirit is embodied in your flesh. It is also true, though the spirit is reputed to be eternal, the body has its own transformational process and is an active participant in the enlightenment process.

Upside and Downside

I notice as I move into my older years I cannot jump as high as a grand piano which I did even after two knee operations in my younger days. Oi vey, what to do. I also recognize spirit is more present for me even as I journey further in this life. I recognize the games I and others play more readily. So as usual there is an upside and a downside.

Need help with your downside try the Peaceful You Crystal Meditations, the offer includes an on-line session with me.

If It Feels Right…It is Right for You

I am an expert in healing concussions… sciatica and lower back issues On-Line and in person. Best of all I bring people to the core of their being. Come for a session or  discover wellness skills for yourself and others. Ky**@bo************.com 

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