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The Heart of Feeling

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It’s all about Happiness. I once asked a spiritual teacher what happiness meant to them and they said “Happiness is our true nature.” I know this when I am happy and when I am not it is usually easy to know why…Me…and responses to what is happening in my body, mind or reflective of my emotional state.

How Happy are You in this moment?

Our essential nature is always perfect, spacious and happy. And also there are things in our lives that can trigger our awareness of our essential happiness.

What makes you Happy?

I wrote this blog when I was in NYC. It is always a happiness to be free of my usual routine. And at that time I was assisting a woman who had been at the forefront of Somatic Education for over 40 years. I was diving into what I do best experiencing and expressing through the body the deeper elements of myself. And I love to talk anatomy…

In this particular workshop we were down regulating and balancing the nervous system. So good to be with colleagues I trained with a long, long time ago…and with people who followed in my footsteps after being clients or students…in a journey that has allowed us to embody all of who we are…resolve our issues and experience our happiness.

One thing that brings or allows my happiness to come forward was meeting old friends, deepening friendships though we do not see each other often…oh and serial dining….enjoying good food together!

How about you? How do you relax?

Follow your Happiness….and you will be less stressed and more joyful and healthier.

I do mean genuine happiness…not the kind that comes only in a pill or bottle. Find the one that is in You!

Everyone needs support from time to time to rebalance and nourish their well-being. Body Being & Heart is a body centered approach to natural health and harmony. 

Peaceful You is a special offer of  guided Crystal Meditations to bring you to happiness, relaxation and wisdom.  You even get a consult with me plus lots of extra bonus’. Trust me You will love it…at its very low price in Canadian dollars! 

Sending Light & Peace, Kyra

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