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Your Greatest Strength

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Your greatest strength is also your greatest weakness. Probably because you over use it but also because though it may have gotten you lots of pats on the head, your greatest strength  may not be feeding your soul or your body.

The attitude of ‘this is me’ when you point to a personality trait may not be helping you become closer to your essential self or life purpose.

Your greatest strength is ultimate just being present. And what is prsent in life is constantly changing.

If you are a woman who is intuitive and wants to help others my ‘outside the box’ courses can help you develope your abilities. Ha. ha, some of them are quite inside your body. If you stick with me you will unfold your intuition and also learn anatomy both physical and energetic. And this happens with the context of spirit…non religious but certianly expansive reality.

I work primarily with women age 28 -55, who are in life changing and challenging situations who have physical symptoms. So if you are wanting a creative inspiring shift in your life or simply a healing and re-balancing experience, I am here to support you.

Perhaps you have been working in one area for your whole working life and want something more nourishing for your inner being. I can help you rebalance physically and energetically It is always great to have support in acheiving your goal.

Or  perhaps the stress of your life has created physical symptoms. I can help you dialogue with your body and alleviate those symptoms as well as addressing and rebalancing physical structure. So before you get sick why not come for a preventive care session.


Life happens and sometimes it is shocking but you don’t have to live in shock forever. Now is the time to set yourself Free.

Yes, I am for Freedom…I was born in that generation. I have also learned sometimes the hard way that going totally against convention does not work. There is a middle ground where medicine and complementary natural health approaches come together.

The Game

If you are game I suggest you write down your strongest strengths and see how they are impacting you negatively as well.

So if you are overly organized you may find ridgidity in your body. If you think drugs give you freedom (I am saying this for some of the twenty something year olds I know) you may find the exhaustion is depleting your ancestral chi. You just may find yourself ill in your thirties or forever relegated to the periphery of society.

Oh and then there are habits…not needing more than four hours of sleep…you think. Or just over thinking everything…all have consequences. They are not who you are.

Your Body

Every woman reading this has a body but many of you do not  know much about your own body, like where your stomach is…I know because I have started asking clients to point to where they think their stomach or other parts of their anatomy is when they come for sessions with specific issues.

How do you expect  the medical profession to understand your needs if you are not helping them?  Discover your anatomy in a basic Reiki, Natural Healing Class.

And as you know you all have bodies but then you think you know how I should treat the issue. This is truely hilarious. Of course, I always kiss the boo boo whatever you think it is. The truth is I have not only studied extensively somatic education which is the movement function of all your body systems inaddition to the develomental neuromuscular patterns which underlie all human  activity. I have trained with major teachers in this form. I have also studied with masters in the subtle arts of CranioSacral Therapy and as it applied to Acupuncture principles and the brain. Ah yes, I am always a little outside the box of convention. But my greatest strength is my creativity and I apply it to my healing sessions.

My awakening experiences have led to access that which is beyond physical or even emotional structure and create solutions to meet your needs.


I have applied my creative abilities to writting ‘Adventures of Alice Wonderbar’ romantic, spicey, spiritual fantasy. And now you can even order it on Kindle. ‘Alice’ won’t teach you anatomy but her words of wisdom on healing and consciousness will certainly help.

My Greatest Weakness

I have a number of greatest weakness’, I do my best as do You!  I have been attempting to remedy one of those by learning how to share my creativity on-line. So far,,,people just somehow magically show up at my doorstep or are referred or  wind up, again magically, on my website.

Sending Light, Kyra


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