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Once Upon A Time

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Yes, once upon a time you were told by society or your parents what the perfect life would be. And then you found out what life is and what you wanted from it. You traveled your journey only to realize you did not have all the answers…in fact no-one has. But maybe you discovered your body was the focal point of the now and the only time is NOW.

Yeah, life is not perfect and if you strive for perfect and control you are probably in big trouble  with your ownself. And also life keeps changing you, the structure of your body and the wrinkles on your face they happen. And yet something more marvelous also happens as your heart and your being open and accept life as it is. This does not mean lying down and playing dead. It means becoming curious about your health and well-being as it is NOW.


Become part of the solution. Participate with and for your well-being. Life is an unrolling situation. Take the steps to have a few healing tools because when you twist your ankle or have a burn out, you will know what to do or at least where to start. Discover how you can heal and also follow your intuition and your creativity. And of course, have fun doing!

I follow the pathless path, a path of spirit. All spiritual paths lead to spirit. Spirit is vibration, presence and well -being. In the beginning was vibration. It is that which is permanent. It is in a sense the essence of life and  the awareness of awarenss. Each of us is special and quite ordinary. We live in paradox. And you who are part of this we deserve the best!


You have a role to play. My role is to offer the opportunity for experiences which widen perception and expand levels and dimensions beyond the ordinary without drugs. I offer the opportunity to women in challenging and life changing situations who are experiencing physical symptoms to heal and if you are interested unfold skills to help you help others in their healing journey.

So whether you are a CEO or a mom working from home or anything in between, you deserve to live your best and happiest life. Body Being & Heart offers On-line and in person sessions using the gentle power of  CranioSacral Therapy, Somatic Education, Vibrational Acupuncture as well as dialoging with your body and energetic rebalancing.


If you want to experience the hidden dimensions come take an energy healing or chakra course with me. Should you want to become a Body Being & Heart professional  or simply want to explore for personal development join the up coming courses. Take a chance on yourSelf.

Sending Light, Kyra

P.S. Rest Your Life on the sure foundation of eternal being…Do what you love is the whole of the law under Love. And Have Fun doing it!

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