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How is your immunity these days? Are you relying on science, pills, vaccines, common sense, natural approaches, supplements and what your body is telling you? Perhaps it is a combination of all of the above plus diet and exercise.

It seems we all slide off into never never land as we get busy and have to re-start or tweak our process. Perhaps this says more about me than you…perhaps not.

How Old!!!

I am in my ‘older’ years, so no longer dancing 4-8 hours a day. I no-longer jump as high as a grand piano. However, I rent a dance studio once a week to have 2000 square feet or more of empty space. Space is the final frontier. Cultivating personal spaciousness does not require a studio but simply paying attention to the space between thoughts for starters.

I also take a weekly Chi Gong class which is a gentle workout for my merridians, the energy rivers of  the body. And of course I am teaching and giving sessions in wellness. The kind of wellness which does not come in a bottle. Perhaps this is why I look so young or at least younger than my biological age. Oh, yeah…I run my meridians daily. Do you want to know how?

If you would like to have basic healing skills for yourself and others or even your plants and pets come to a Reiki, Natural Healing course. You can even do these courses privately On-Line or In-Person.

Increase Your Immunity

An easy way to increase immunity is simply by tapping or bringing energy to your thymus. So put your hand just below your collar bone to start. You can also follow this link to a demo.

You are your own self  and believe me everyone has blind spots and needs support sometimes. Personal Healing Sessions are available On-Line and In-Person!

Sending Light, Kyra



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