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The Most Important Person

Sharing is Loving

The most important person in your life is you! There is always a beginning, a middle and an end. Your concerns may have shifted over time depending on your age. So take a moment and check out what concerns you have for your self at this time in your life.

Several Interests

I have had a number of key interests in my life and several I would love to share with you. I give healing sessions using an integration of therapeutic and energetic modalities. These include CranioSacral Therapy, Vibrational Acupuncture, Brain work for concussions. I love to not only work on structural issues but dialoging with the body to release stuck emotions. Of course, there is Chakra Balancing and Reiki and a host of subtle but useful stuff which helps especially women with physical symptoms.

Seen Everything

Now that I am older I have seen most everything in my private practice. And I have taught most everyone from seniors to children. My specialty these days is women with physical symptoms or hamster minds and anxiety.

The work I do is deeply relaxing whether you experience On-Line or In-Person in Montreal. Distance does not make a difference and I love to connect on Zoom or in my Body Being & Heart healing room. The buzz in the room is healing in itself. In fact I use it as an office when I am not seeing clients these days.


The context of my work is spiritual which is to say I hold the space of non-judgement. A space which goes beyond good or bad. It is a the path of non-duality. If anything I look at functionality. So no problem with people who are vegetarian or meat lovers but if you are a fruitarian in the middle of a Montreal winter, you probably do have a problem with your digestion. Just saying…

The Most Important Person

Non-duality means whatever turns up may be useful even if it seems harsh or unfair in terms of symptoms. What shows up in terms of well-being is often an aspect of your own self which needs attention and is indicationg a shift which needs to happen in that most important person in your life, yourself.

Always Learning

Today I learned that the spice curcumin can help support the integrity of the blood brain barrier (BBB). You might call the BBB the tissue filter which protects the brain. I filters out toxins and brings nutrients to your brain. CranioSacral Therapy works extensively with this barrier and the glia cells to prevent and support healing of all sorts of brain dysfunction. Headaches and concussions are my specialty. Oh, yes…the glia cells in your brain are the clean up crew which removes toxins which have slipped passed the BBB.

So if you want to avoid dementia or alzheimer’s disease keep up your preventive CranioSacral Sessions…need I say.


Non-duality is not only a good frame of reference for healing but most systems whether this is political, relationships, health or even wealth. Essentially it means looking at the world from an unbiased space within that most imortant person in your life YourSelf!

Let me know what concerns your most important person…you. Perhaps it is time for an Autumn tune up.

Sending Light & Love,



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