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Your Second Brain

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Do you want to be happy? If you do, you need to take care of your second brain, your gut brain. It has more nerve cells than your ‘regular’ brain and creates more serotonin, the happiness hormone. Everything in moderation, of course even too much of a good thing can be bad for you.


I am into function. It is important to nurture your gut brain in your lower abdomen. If you do…your mood will be better. And your overall physical well-being will be super. Aside from eating pre-biotic and probiotic foods and supplements you might also want to come for a session on your second brain. Not only will a session support your microbiomes, it will also down regulate your Vagus nerve which causes so much anxiety and heart palpitations.

I apply much the same techniques to your brain, brain as to your gut brain but to different tissue. This is especially true when working with the glia cells aka cleanup cells of head and gut.


I am definitely on the middle path. Spiritual principles and physical reality often have a meeting point. This is true because spirit is energy and you are a bioelectric being. Spiritual principles often come out of observation of nature and our human condition. This is true of science too but the intention of science is not just to observe but often to fix what is seen as a problem. This is probably true of politicians as well. Should I put therapists into this mix?

Unnecessary Stuff

Unfortunately, a lot of stuff gets tacked onto most spiritual paths, unnecessary stuff.  I heard today of a Western woman who went to Japan and wound up in a Zen monastery for four years where they hardly slept and when they did, they tried to do it sitting up. I think I will just do this on my 17-hour flight to India this year. If you would like to see the India itinerary for this year and 2024 Click Here.

You will see that ‘Alice’ of ‘Adventures of Alice Wonderbar’ will be joining us in India. Click Here to get your copy of her marvelous adventures. You’ll get a preview of India in the book as well.

What to Do?

I ‘get’ as I write this, the essence of science, politics, spirituality is wonderful…but so much get tacked onto these forms which simply pollute. What to do. And in the meantime, take care of your second brain! And at the very least know where it is…

Remember Body Being & Heart Sessions are available On-line and in-person in Montreal.

Sending Light & Love, Kyra


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