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Awakening experiences are wonderful. I like to think of them as a cosmic come on or seduction. They are the whipped cream and cherry on top of dessert. These experiences can lead to a search for the sense of wonder and presence so connected to your true nature. Most people do not realize this sense of presence is always with you, so there is no need to search the world. You just need to relax. If you cannot relax then I suggest prayer.


Are you an awakened person? Or woke as they currently about social injustice? Awareness is key to either. The first relates to a spiritual state or experience. The second to what is going on around you in the social arena.

One day when I first came to Canada, I was walking in downtown Toronto when a drunk started calling a native Indian slurr names. I was incredibly impressed when several men in ties and suits passed the Indian and told him to ignore the drunk.

I grew up in New York City within the theater community. It was only when I got to Canada that I experienced women being treated as second class citizens. Talent not color or sex was the determining factor in my early years. But who am I to say, I was young and beautiful.

Spirituality has always been my refuge and my deepest identity. What about you? Skill and passion for my callings whether in dance or as a therapist and now as an author have also been close to me. What do you hold close?


Awareness is key to awakening who you truly are. What does awakening mean to you?  To me it means validating the spirit within your own Self.  Awakening is the presence of awareness you bring to everything you are and do. It is being who you truly are and acting from this awareness.

It also means to rest without fear or guilt especially if you are a woman. Women really do need rest to recuperate. Super women need super solutions. Just saying…

In the Meantime…

Want more insight into presence, healing or awakening? Read Adventures of Alice Wonderbar. Alice is my avatar and sometimes I feel I am her avatar. This novel is my first and the first in a series of Alice Wonderbar stories.

You know where to join me for sessions at Body Being & Heart, Healing for Body and Spirit!

Sending Light & Love, Kyra

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