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You Are A Light Body

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You are a light body. No, I am not speaking about your physical weight. I am speaking about the fact that you are the stuff of stars. Scientists have even figured out what percentage of which galaxies your body is made out of…I just know you, me and the universe are made of the same stuff.

You are a Light Body!

You are bioelectric. So, plug in your inner light and get shining. If you are not shinning bright enough just come for a session On-Line or in person if you live in Montreal. Experience the Best and Brightest of what Body Being & Heart has to offer. Experience the miracle of You! Crystal Meditations, Wise Woman Stress Mastery Videos or how about a Reiki course to start off the new year.

Wishing You the Best & Happiest of Holydays!

Kyra & Alice Wonderbar

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