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Alice Wonderbar’s New Year’s Predictions

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Alice is my avatar but sometimes I am her avatar. How did that happen? When you create a character who shares so many of your views on spirituality…it just happens. We are different but only I can type these words…just saying.

The New Year 2023 is upon us and with it come messages and even predictions. The media is pretty glum. World peace seems like a true fantasy novel, if only I knew the author…I would…have she-he-it aka shit, give us a happy ending.

Alice Wonderbar’s New Year Predictions

Message 2023

Alice says: Don’t give up! Every problem arising in you and around you also has a solution, just sometimes it takes a moment to arrive. You are a vibrational being, made of the stuff of stars. When life gets tough tune into the star you truly are. Infinite, cosmic potential is within you and all around you.

Relax into your truest self. Be receptive to the Universe. Receiving is your next big venture if you have been giving all your life.

You have a special role to play in the dance of the Universe. Life is living you. Life is living through you. You are the hands and feet of the Universe creating all which is needed. Do what you will is the whole of the law under love. If you are aligned with this love all will be well.

Be with what is but do not take it so seriously. There are many realities out there, stay open to the highest truth even if it is not clear what that might be.

This is the year to be totally aligned with You. And yes, this includes those who are closest to you. This is the time to Live your life to the fullest.


The world is taking care of itself. The planet remembers just as the elephants remember their ancestors. It is returning to its natural state.

People in power continue to harm themselves and others so no end to the war Russia has waged until at least next autumn.

The stock market will continue to zoom up and down. No end in sight but radical shifts in what the real value of money is will begin to change. This is already changing, has already changed. This is the true reason for inflation.

Freedoms in the world have been and will continue to be encroached upon. So do what you want now while you have the chance.

True freedom is inner Freedom…you don’t need to go anywhere or even have anything to have it. Freedom is always with you. Have fun and pet the cat!

Sending Light & Love, Alice and Kyra

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