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Brand New Year

Sharing is Loving

It is a brand-new year and what pray tell are you going to do with it. Any special goals or travel? You may after the last couple of years realize there is a principle of uncertainty in the world. In the spirit of this uncertainty, it is time to stop putting off your dreams and start realizing them.

Your Dreams

Dreams at night can regurgitate your daily concerns or take you on a spiritual or healing journey. So, do pay attention. Amazing things can happen when your conscious mind is asleep!  This is certainly true for me. I will write more about sleep time dreams another time.

Right now, I want to talk about your heart centered dreams and how to begin to manifest them. Life can be distracting, which is why I rent a dance studio once a week to do whatever comes to me without distraction, 2,000 square feet of empty space.


Listening to your heart you may find out what you really want to be, do or share. Here is a simple activity that can put you in touch. Just put your right hand across your heart, between your breasts and breathe into your heart space.

You can even breathe into your heart as if you are expanding it from the inside. This will relax your physical heart and open your spiritual heart as well. By spirit I mean your essence energy which is connected to you and everything else.

Experience whatever comes up for you. How does your heart feel? What color do you see inside your heart? Do you like this color? What needs to happen for your heart to feel comfortable. What does your heart say to you? Simply repeating ‘My heart feels or says…’ and filling up the blank with whatever comes to you will allow you to know consciously what is unfolding in your deeper self.

Once you know your heart’s desire, you can begin to visualize consciously your next step and begin to take baby steps/actions to support and eventually realize your dream!

If you want support for this process, I highly recommend the Crystal Heart Meditation which will guide you through this process.

Your Goals

What do you want to achieve this year? When you accept yourself as you are and realize you are perfect as you are, then achievement is about unfolding and sharing new skills. Body Being & Heart offers courses in discovering how you can develop healing and intuitive skills for yourself and others.

Body Being & Heart shifts your perception of your world by unveiling the highest and best in you. Sometimes you are not aware of who you truly are. Or do not know how to release unconscious beliefs which are holding you back.

Body Being & Heart is a body centered approach to wellness. Your body is the focal point of the now. Your whole life has been recorded in the very tissue of your physical self.

I always suggest starting with a Reiki course. The very first course attunes you to the healing vibrations of Reiki. It opens you to your own self. Other courses increase your knowledge, skills and abilities. Next Reiki Course January 28-29, 2023 plus 2 practice sessions.

Brand New Year

The slate is clean. It’s up to you to fill what needs to happen. Yes, there are external pressures, situations and stress but you are able to impact your internal self with wise words and nurturing decisions. Just take your first step!

Sending Light, Love & Blessings for a Grand Brand-New Year!

“Antara’ Kyra Lober, Healer Extraordinaire



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