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Down the Rabbit Hole

Sharing is Loving

I don’t know about you but I open my computer and find myself somewhere I don’t know how I got there. That tiny silver of interest lands me into “Help get me out of here!” What to do? Life is like this too. I mean how did that piece of chocolate cake transform into 5 lbs. And where did this sudden body ache come from…

Well, I can’t help you with the computer or the chocolate cake issue but I can help you discover and heal the sudden appearance of a body ache, pain or condition. Will one session fix it? Sometimes…but often the ache or pain is symptomatic of bigger issues.

What is Going On?

Do you have a feeling mind and a thinking body? Are they ganging up on you? All I can tell you is you will feel better with a gentle Body Being & Heart session. At the very least I will entertain you with fun and absurd stories. The real story is you are the problem but You are also the solution. It takes dedication, persistence over time if you have a condition.

Support + You = Result

Maybe you just want the result. And yes, I have a magic wand but so far it has only worked on 5-year-olds. Just remember ‘This too shall pass,’ if you become part of the equation.

Wild Wild World

It is a wild, wild world out there these days. Anxiety is at an all-time high. I am seeing young people in deep, deep anxiety which has been exacerbated by the pandemic. Hard enough to grow up and become a young adult but the pressure cooker of the fear the pandemic engendered makes it so much harder.

Adults, are there any out there? Are you clinging to religion, meds or legalized cannabis or, or worn-out values…whose values?  Have you sorted it out? What is your body telling you?

It is said in spiritual circles that your body sensations are closer to your essential self than your thoughts or emotions. Your body keeps score or ask the chocolate cake.  Come sort it out in a Body Being & Heart session or course. Life is living you. Don’t you want to know what it is all about while you let go of those aches, pains and stress?

Down the Rabbit Hole

Escape down the rabbit hole and get a copy of Adventures of Alice Wonderbar. This is sure to entertain and give perspective. The next Alice adventure is already available for pre-sale ‘Alice Wonderbar Tantra Queen.’ Spend this winter wisely, get the tools you need to live and thrive wisely!

Sending Light & Love,

Kyra Lober

Body Being & Heart

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