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Hope can be wonderful and support you in obtaining your goals. It can be a mental or emotional lamp and light your way. How do you use ‘hope’? Is your life predictable, the same old, same old and are you hoping it will change?

Wishing & Hoping

Are you only hoping/wishing your life turns out the way you want? Or are you beginning to take steps to allow yourself to live the life you love?

Are you hoping to be rescued. Hoping prince charming will come along. Are you only dreaming what one day might be like? The big questions are what are you open to receiving and what are you doing to allow your dreams to come true?

Present Moment

It is said in some spiritual circles “there is no hope, just be in the now. Now is the only time there is…”. And in a certain sense this is true. The notion of ‘hope’ takes you into a future which may or may not come true.

Hope can be so helpful. Or it can be a trap. If hope inspires you, this is great. But if ‘hope’ takes you away from being in this very precious moment…and away from being in your body and you find yourself just in your head then it is time shift.

Health and Happiness go hand in hand. And happiness is your true nature. It reflects your essence energy. If you have issues or stress are taking you away from your essential self perhaps it is time to take some time for you. Discover simple ways to help yourself stay happy and healthy.  Body Being & Heart has some opportunities for you. There are sessions, On-Line or In-Person. And there are courses and even a professional training for personal development and assisting others in their journey to wellness.

Come join me for the journey to You!

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