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Emergency Help

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Most of the time we pretend there is a tiger in the room ready to eat us. It is rarely if ever true. Know that if you are stressed it is not your fault. Your ‘inner animal’ kicks in and does not feel safe. You have a stress response. Your stress hormones go up, up, up! Your inner animal is the source of the stress reaction. And also, you are the Solution.

I have lots to say about this and even a signature program called Wise Women Stress Mastery and coming soon a wonderful low cost offer ‘The Peaceful You!’ but what I wanted to address today was what to do when you need emergency help.


If ever you are in a dire situation and there is nothing you can do, it is time to rest into a space of awareness, call upon and become one with the highest in you and find that deeper peace within.

Presented with circumstances beyond your control is an opportunity to become present. Lost with a friend late at night in an unfamiliar city, as we looked around to get our bearings, a man came up to me. He looked at me and said “I am going to bash your face in.” I became very present. I felt no fear. He walked away.

I will also never forget being on a plane to Costa Rico going bumpity bump. My friend and I sat there holding hands. Each of us going deep within and each of us, unknown to the other, called on Reiki energy. We were totally at peace.

I do not wish these circumstances on anyone. Yet, it is key to understand, you have resources even in the most extreme circumstance. And it is time to seek your peaceful self. Your fears are reflected through the body. Come for a session or a course to start you on your journey to calm. Take time to find You!

Emergency Help

I have to say knowing Reiki, Natural Healing has been an immense help in situations where I haven’t known what to do. Reiki I teaches you the basics of hands-on healing. You discover the empowerment and energy symbols in Reiki II. Click above for more information on the Reiki process.

Another situation I will never forget is being stuck in a second class train in India. It was a women’s only car with two tiers of seats and babies swinging from the rafters. I felt like I was on my way to  Auschwitz. It was not a good feeling.

There was no room for me, the foreigner. I sat on my small traveling case in the aisle. I called on my Reiki symbols and suddenly a women sitting in one of the seats along the window side started speaking to me in English. It turned out we had a lot in common besides the English language. She was a teacher as I am. By the time we were nearing our destination some three hours later she was offering to share her little seat with me.

Crisis often brings out the best in us. Living in crisis constantly is not recommended.

Emergency Help Resources

Today a woman came to me. She was an occupational therapist. She had already gone to an osteopath the day before with minimal result. In our CranioSacral session she was able to relax deeply and we were able to start a healing process.  My work, Body Being & Heart, Healing for Body and Spirit, is energy to tissue. It goes beyond the purely physical. Sessions are available On-line, done on Zoom or over the phone…though most clients prefer in person.

So here you go…lots of options and don’t forget you can join the Free De-Stress and Enlighten Facebook Group for daily reminders!

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