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Alice & Kyra

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Have you ever wanted to enlighten and follow a spiritual path? Or have you been doing this all your life while trying to meet the demands of everyday life? Have you been on a healing or creative path? Or have you wanted to be? Are you concerned about the world? Is the world on disaster crisis alert every time you turn on the news? If I answer these questions, it is almost a YES to every one of them. How about You?

This is why I wrote my book Adventures of Alice Wonderbar. And even though it is a fantasy it features messy love lives just like real life and some of the real challenges of spiritual life.

The Book

My book Adventures of Alice Wonderbar on Amazon…it is available in print and Kindle. Sometimes I think Alice is my avatar…and sometimes it seems I am hers. The novel is a romantic, spiritual, fantasy filled with words of wisdom and healing. One person described it as light and profound. It works on many levels. For me it was an opportunity to find a fun filled way to share the essence of deeper experiences and journeys of my own life. And yes, I even visited a community near Paris, where the guru had been abducted by aliens and chanted all night in a model space craft somewhere in Mexico in hopes of a visitation.

I have had many extraordinary experiences in life and choose the essence of many of them to share with you. So, take a trip on the wild side and cozy up to a journey without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

Adventures of Alice Wonderbar is of course its own self. Meaning the tib-bits of me became something else again as Alice and her friends wrote their own story.

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Alice Wonderbar Tantra Queen

And now Alice is writing another book! Alice Wonderbar Tantra Queen is another magical journey into spirituality and romance in our times. Enlightenment and evolution of the planet is Alice’s concern. She and her friends are awaiting inner plane guidance and assistance from their galactic aliens. All are apprehensive about what is arriving for the peoples of the world.

A cast of shaman, gurus, psychics, and healers are all aligned to bring light and freedom by creating a worldwide network despite the challenges it brings.

Everlasting Life

One such person is Marie-Andrée who has returned to earth after a near fatal accident. The beautiful, creative, Marie-Andrée was gifted with everlasting life by her alien rescuers and given the purpose of seeding the world with friendly alien DNA.

Alice shares the real and deeper meanings of tantra with her long-time student Marie-Andrée. She and Marie-Andrée explore the meaning of a prolonged life. Alice Wonderbar, called the Tantra Queen, blossoms into the Divine Shakti Goddess as she follows the path of neti, neti, not this not that, and shares that which is permanent and truly eternal while having lots of fun as she dives into the mysteries and magic of life.

Carlos and Clara, Janey and Kevin, Hiram and Pedro, Pablo, Hector, Seva Om and of course Neelam all reappear as players in this miraculous journey to save the world from itself. Enjoy Alice Wonderbar’s second book, which like the first is both light and profound and just a little bit spicy!

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Alice & Kyra

Who am I is a basic spiritual question. Am I the avatar of Alice Wonderbar and simply her scribe…or do we have a deeper meaning yet to be discovered on a journey to Enlightenment!

Stay tuned…or check out these blogs Wonderful Wonderbar which has a link to the original Alice story and Down the Rabit Hole

Sending Light, Kyra


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